Valentine Day

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Homoeo Call Give way to a healthy relationship and see the joy unfolding.

“Kitabon mein chhpathe hain chaahat ke kissein,
haqeeqat ke duniya mein chaahat nahin hein
yeh, bekaam, benaam ki cheez hain,
Mohabbat badey kaam ki cheeze hain”

So goes the Hindi song from Trishul etching the poignant moment in memory. Even as the starry-eyed young couples are enjoying the weekend with the fragrance of Valentine’s Day in the air it is also a touch disappointing when the mushy valentines cannot sustain the same intense love when they have tied the knot. In the context of a health column it is a subject since health and happiness go together. It is a known fact that relationships contribute to overall health and those in healthy, supporting relationships enjoy a better quality of life and a healthy rate of recovery from illness. If at all Valentine’s Day has a message it is that of values like trust, honesty and caring intentions of love and affection need to be sustained in couples through the thick and thin.

An ideal couple may depend on each other on various issues during a lifetime but need not necessarily cling on to each other like heart-lung machine which on the other hand may spring jealousy when they happen to dwell into each other’s moves closely. Since lack of space can bring on suspicion which can percolate to trivial issues and differences could get magnified it is always better to have time for oneself too. So much so that spending time with each other does not mean interacting all the time but just the confidence that the partner is around albeit, quietly.

Woman burdened

In the fast pace life of the this century when the needs have increased and both partners need to work for being stable financially it usually puts more burden on the woman. But if the responsibility is shared between spouses, tasks become much easier.

A healthy social life includes retaining friends and making new friendships while spending time together which is a sign of a happy couple while isolation only means otherwise. Not only are social relationships helpful but help in people recovering from debilitating illnesses that much faster. Bickering can come to the fore too in an unhappy couple and if it happens in a social circle can be a source of discontentment even when the event is over. Good listening skills are key to communication and to understand the underlying feels while trying to remember them later. Open communication is also essential for a good sex life.

If a couple are keen on conflict resolution they would look at them in a meaningful way so that they do not remain as insoluble resentments which could remain for long periods. They would also understand that conflicts are a part and parcel of life.

Apart from social relationships there is a point when the help of a Psychologist is needed to work through with counselling. Homoeopathic medicine cannot resolve a conflict but stand them in a good stead to face situations. When suspicion and jealousy become an obsession, Lachesis is helpful. When anxiety does not help the situation, Arg nit helps. If fear is marked to take a decision to come to terms, Hyoscyamus is found to be useful. When depression takes over in not being able to the future clearly, Aurum met clears the air. If haughtiness comes in the way of a relationship, Platina helps. Enjoying time and things together means the couple have good long term prospects and ultimately marriage boils down to respect for the spouse. Respect implies giving space, respecting work commitments, respecting basic friendships and basic respect for the other person as a separate human being with hopes, fears, dreams and desires.


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