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Raising hygiene standards and skipping synthetic fabrics and deodorants is the key


A fine, thin and watery discharge from the vagina is not unusual. Women should opt for consultation only if the discharge becomes thick with itching or with burning sensation and there is difficulty while passing urine.

The external genitalia or vulva does have a presence of Candida albicans, a fungus, but is kept at bay with the acidic environment. It is only when this equilibrium is disturbed that it gives the fungal infection a potential to multiply. This causes the typical thick discharge with itching in some women compounded by burning while passing urine. Itching can cause rawness due to scratching and the burning while passing urine and during intercourse also worsens. In conditions like diabetes, pregnancy and other illnesses there is a facilitation of multiplication of this fungus as the increased blood sugar levels gives them enough fodder. It has been found that women using birth control pills or antibiotics the chance of this infection being higher. Hormones also influence the fungi. If the itchiness subsides after menstruation it means that she does not need any prescription.

A woman under stress, suffering with lack of sleep and proper diet is more likely to suffer from it.

Products like deodorants, tampons, douches, cleansers can actually worsen the issue along with nylon under clothing as it causes retention of sweat etc. Wet clothes can equally cause the problem if worn for prolonged periods as the trapped moisture only helps the infection thrive.

Yeast infection is not serious but if left untreated it can cause discomfort. It does not spread to the other partner. To keep the discomfort away it is better to use some preventive measures like maintaining dryness of the genital area after a bath, avoiding usage of strong deodorants, douches etc. avoiding tight fitting clothes and synthetic material, especially at night etc. Scratching should be avoided as it could worsen the problem.


Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies which can help the issue. Kreosote is the usual remedy which is called for and Borax when there is associated pain abdomen etc. If the fungal infection is predominant Caladium comes into play and if tends to recur, Ac. Nit, Thuja are found to be helpful.


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