Allergic Dermatitis

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Homoeo call Skin ailments need to be taken seriously.


Apart from glowing skin which most of us chase, occasionally we have to tackle symptoms like itching which can be irritating and call for attention. This is a symptom which can occur due to skin ailments but if it is associated with thickness, rough ness and scaly appearance of the affected area with a typical blackish-violet hue, it is most probably due to a condition called Lichen planus.

It appears like moss on a tree bark as there are fine pimples of about 2-4 mm diameter like eruptions which gradually conglomerate into a dry patch. These eruptions cause violent itching and on scratching, there is a rawness of affected area but there is not much oozing of any substance. There is little scaly skin as slight exfoliation from the area as the lesion seems to gradually increase. Similar spots appear around the affected area. These are usually on the lower limbs over the shins and ankle areas.

But more troublesome is when this occurs inside of the mouth. These appear as grey spots with roughness and seem to gradually increase along the membrane of the mouth. It causes burning, pain and irritation like the mouth sores which makes mealtime an ordeal. Stretching of the mouth also becomes that much difficult.

Even more irritating form of this erosion of the skin can be on the female external genitalia which can be irritating and painful and the dryness is cumbersome. It can be confused with sexual transmitted diseases but easily distinguished by a gynaecologist when an examination and certain investigations are run.

Wherever these lesions appear on the body, the characteristic is that they are itchy, irritating, sometimes painful if on the inside cheeks of the mouth but are recurrent and long lasting. As such, it is not easy to identify any cause but more often than not, it is the body’s immunity which can respond to trivial stimulus and produces this manifestation on the skin’s surface. As and when there is an evidence of infection or the body is busy is fighting an ailment, such lesions seem to crop up. There may not be any seasonal inclination to an aggravation of this problem but patients do complain of recurrence in the peak of winter.

This condition is usually confused with skin diseases like Psoriasis but in the latter the scaly spots seem to increase in various areas of the body and seem to recur more often. In conditions like Dermatitis it is usually on exposure to certain chemicals or the environment which triggers the problem. Also lichen planus does not cause any disturbances in the other organs of the body.

Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies like Alumina, Sarsaparilla etc. which will typically help reduce the dryness of the skin. Kali ars, Caladium are helpful when the female genitalia are affected while Kali mur, Merc sol are known to help when the lichen affects the inner cheeks. To remove the lichen so that that it stays away, remedies like Ac.nit, Thuja, Sulph, Clematis would help.


I am 29-year-old and married for three years but have not been able to conceive. My husband’s investigations are normal but the ovulation study I underwent shows delayed maturation of follicles. My periods have always been delayed and there are cysts in ovaries according to the scan.

Abc Since the matured follicles are not being released from the ovary during the time of ovulation during every menstrual cycle probably fertility is being affected. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Thuja, Apis mel, Iodum which can help ovulation which are suggested according to various other investigations. Consult a Homoeopath.


I am 73-year-old and have been a smoker for decades. The cough for the past two years is troublesome in the sense that even though it subsides for a few days the expectoration does not cease. With slightest effort and even without any exposure it keeps troubling. I have undergone various investigations and the specialist diagnosed it as Bronchiectasis. Would Homoeopathy help?

Abc It is a disease wherein there is a gradual deterioration of the alveoli function in the lungs causing accumulation of mucus and thereby constant expectoration which is the troublesome feature. To help symptomatically and slow down eventualities like collapse which are likely complications of this disease, Homoeopathy has good remedies like Hepar sulph, Lycopodium etc. Consult a Homoeopath.


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