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Pregnancy is a period of nurturing fond hopes. Any slight change away from the routine is set to cause a course of concern in the young mother to be. So also a skin rash which is not an uncommon feature but is better addressed with appropriate medicine if any is needed or by information which is always the need of the hour to tackle any ailment for that matter.


The first pregnancy is a woman is a usual time for any skin condition to appear. There are many times these could manifest. The first and the usual form is a fine rash kind of a condition which can appear usually over the abdomen, extremeties and the lower limbs but usually spare the palms and soles. These “urticaria” kind rash seem to fuse with each other to appear as a larger reddening of the affected skin and the bothersome feature which insists the woman to seek help is the itching. This rash usually short termed as PUPPS seems to afflict them in the second or the third trimester of the pregnancy. It is supposed to be some antigens which enter into the mother’s circulation and cause this response appearing similar to an allergy. Mostly it is thought to be due to the stretched areas of the skin during this phase of life exposing the active collagen tissue in those areas that seem to immediately respond to any antigen in the environs and cause the rash and the troublesome itching. This form of a rash seems to continue for a couple of months after delivery too.


This rash in the second form could appear as an insect bite on the trunk and the abdomen. There could be itching with rawness and oozing on scratching. This looks like a typical allergy of the skin called as allergic dermatitis and is supposed to be lower circulation of hormones like cortisol and oestrogen. Since it is hormonal imbalance which is supposed to trigger this response it wouldn’t be surprising if the woman faces the same problem in the subsequent pregnancies too.


An uncommon form of a skin condition which warrants a treatment appropriately is the pemphigus kind wherein there is a kind of “water filled” blebs of skin not sparing the face, palms and soles too. Itching is a common cause of concern and women with such kind of eruptions have been known to have premature deliveries.


If there is a rash but no itching our Physician would help you ascertain the reason if any and if treatment is required.


There is also itching of the body but there is no rash and your Doctor will help you in ruling out if any cause pertaining to the liver is there as raised bilirubin levels or a form of jaundice are likely to cause itching.


A soothing bath with either warm or more than warm applications seem to help a good number of women albeit temporarily which is also required. A generous application of moisturizers will help while loose cotton clothing will help reduce itching that much.


Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies which can help such conditions. If it is a rash with raised, mapped and reddish areas, remedies like Rhus tox, Dulcamara, Apis mel, Natrum mur etc. will help. If it is a rash resembling allergy, Ac.nit, Thuja, Sulph, Psorinum would do the needful. The rash with patches of fluid based skin is helped to normalcy by Kali iod, Merc, Sepia etc. If there is just itching and no rash Dolichos would be called for. Needless to say all the above would be prescribed to you once the Homoeopath finds the particular symptoms relevant to you and the problem in the potency called for. For this irritating appearance of skin condition during a pleasant phase of life, Homoeopathic medicine is always a safe bet.


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