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Environment triggers the autoimmune problem for many.


Even as the nutritional disorders are being corrected with proper diets and infectious diseases are tackled, it seems to be the turn of our immune mechanism to lose its way in retaining the proper metabolism by attacking its own tissues. This is beca use of the environmental changes influenced by man’s changing lifestyles apart from the burden on natural resources. There is a similar autoimmune condition which is growing in number called Scleroderma which causes a fibrosis or hardening of tissues and that can occur in various vital organs of the body starting with the skin, gastrointestinal system and not rarely in the heart and kidneys too.

The keynote of this disease is fibrosis or hardening of the affected tissues and depending on which organ is affected the symptoms pertain to those. More often than not it is the skin which is affected the most and it is usually symmetrical or on both sides of the body simultaneously and the affected area to start with appears with reddish hue and with slight dryness. There is itching to start. The skin over the elbows, knees and fingers tend to become tight and hardened forming fine nodules with itching due to fine deposits of calcium. The other typical feature of this disease is Raynaud’s phenomenon or arteries supplying blood to the peripheries of toes, fingers and tongue seem to be constricted which get influenced by temperature stress etc. leading to decreased functioning of those areas. Wherever there are muscle fibres the function is likely to be disturbed and the other area is the lower end of the oesophagus and the upper end of the stomach which helps prevention of regurgitation of food backwards but in such a case where this function is affected there is the usual cycle of heartburn, inflammation and formation of ulcers too.

But worse is if the vital organs like kidney, heart and lungs are involved and ensuing fibrosis of the muscle fibres tends to come in the way of the active functioning of the tissues and the degeneration can cause failure of the organ. Hypertension is the unpleasant side effect of this disease which adds fuel to the fire as far as degeneration of the tissues is concerned.

All the above symptoms seem trivial and associated with some other mild disease or the other but it is only when your physician finds that there is only symptomatic relief with the disease becoming active again with the typical symmetrical changes in the skin, this disease is diagnosed with help of some blood tests which reveal the activity of the auto immune disease.

Homoeopathic medicine has a way to keep the symptoms of the illness at bay even while it helps the disease modulation and prevents further degeneration. While Bryonia, Alumina and Sulphurhelp in relieving the tightness and dryness of the skin, Plumbum met prevents fibrosis in the kidney and lung tissues. Secale cor is known to increase perfusion to the peripheries while keeping Raynaud’s phenomenon at bay. To start with symptomatic alleviation of symptoms is done and constitutional remedies help in seeing that the disease does not progress further.


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