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One of the signs of the body machine being in fine condition is through the fact that the evacuation of end products of digestion is not a deterrent issue in the day to day life. If the bowel movement is not regular, one has to strain at stool, the consistency of stool is hard and lumpy with a sensation of incomplete evacuation, feeling of obstruction at the anal verge and the movement is confined to three or even lesser number of times in a week it is very likely that the person is suffering from constipation.


The colon or the large intestine is where the last part of the digestion takes place and most of the water and remnant nutrients are absorbed even as the stool is formed and if the bulk remains for a longer time in the colon more water seems to get absorbed making the stool dry and hard. The muscular contractions of the colon helps in these functions and there are many reasons why this movements or peristalsis becomes sluggish leading to constipation. The lifestyle of the day whether by necessity or laziness has compelled people opt for foods which are easy to make like fastfoods which invariably do not contain fiber which helps the movement of the intestinal contents. Once fiber is lacking the intestines have to contract with vigour and lesser intervals which does not happen and leads to constipation. After fiber the next best propellant is water but if lesser intake is taken the bulk of the stool reduces and the movement of the muscular component of the colon is impaired leading to this problem. But liquids does not include colas, caffeine and alcohol as they are known to further reduce hydration and only intensity constipation. The other usual reason for this predicament is the lack of enough exercise which contributes to this problem as people who are bedridden and the aged are more likely to be affected by this condition. Some medicines have been known to add to this problem too like painkillers and antidepressants. Pregnancy is that time of a woman’s life when there are surge of hormonal changes and also the stress of the uterus on the intestinal contents can also lead to constipation. The keenness some individuals show in clearing their bowels compel them to use laxatives when not totally necessary and this can be habit forming as they are unable to go off them as it worsens constipation. Children more interested in playing or other activities are known to unduly control the urge to pass stool and that makes them an ideal candidate for constipation in the long run. Not to forget is diseases like hypothyroidism, stroke, scleroderma, diabetes etc. when the tendency for constipation is associated with. The decrease in muscular activity and tone of the colon causes functional constipation while the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles does not allow the rectal and anal muscles to contract and relax appropriately.


Improving fiber in diet by eating beans, whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables, cabbage and carrots will help in relieving the constipation to start with. Adding exercise to the routine will keep away many ills. Drinking plenty of liquids is essential. But if a change in bowel habit remains for a long time it is better to consult a Physician. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to correct such a condition. If there is a constant urge but one is unable to pass, Nux vomica helps, if there is no urge at all for days, Plumbum met, Opium, Lac defl. Are useful. If the stool is hard Mag mur and Chelidonium help. Silicea and Alumina are helpful for obstinate constipation.




Cystic fibrosis:


My seven-year-old daughter suffers from this condition and there is always a lung infection necessitating hospitalization. Is there a Homoeopathic remedy for this problem? – Melanie.

A: Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease wherein there is excessive production of mucus from pancreas, lungs liver etc. which can lead to secondary infections and decrease in function of that organs and is usually in people with lowered immune system. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to significantly reduce the mucus production, improve immunity so that secondary infections do not precipitate easily and thereby improve quality of life. Remedies like Antim tart, Ipecac, Grindelia are known to help. Consult a Homoeopath.


Nasal polyps:

I have undergone treatment and surgery for nasal polyps but they have appeared again. I have sneezing in the morning, nasal blocking at night and frequent headache. – Soumen.

A: In conditions like allergic rhinitis there is an appearance of polyps in the nasal cavity, sinuses which can lead to sinusitis like symptoms and thereby you are suffering with all those symptoms. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Thuja, TMV, Arum tryph which can relieve you of the symptomatology and help you. Consult a Homoeopath.



I am 29-year-old and underwent abortion about two years ago during which I was diagnosed to have developed infection of the fallopian tubes due to which my Gynaecologist avers that I am unable to get pregnant again. I have been on medication but is there anything complementary for such a condition? – abc.

A: Colocynth, Sepia, Pulsatilla, Medorrhinum are helpful in such conditions in getting rid of an infection. Consult a Homoeopath.

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