Knee Joint Pain In Athletes

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Homoeopathy offers good remedies for that lingering pain in the kneecap.

A SPORTSMAN'S career is short and 30 is considered a good age for retirement. It is in this short phase that they want to be on top and leave an indelible impact on the generations to come. An Ivan Lendl's tenacity, Boris Becker's reflexes at the net, Carl Lewis's fluid motion past the tape, feline grace of our own P.T. Usha and scintillating drives of the one and only Tendulkar are all a timeless treat to watch and give us a reason to smile.

Sport involving running and jumping puts a massive stress on the kneecap and when coupled with imbalance of muscle strength, it leads to reduced flexibility and runner's knee. Our kneecap has a cushioning behind preventing friction against the thigh bone during movement and a quadriceps muscle on the top helping to retain its position. Sometimes, undue and awkward movements during play can cause the knee to bend inwards leading to the kneecap or patella to change its position resulting in grinding against the thigh bone, loss of cushioning and the continuous breakdown leads to crack or tear thereby causing dull, aching pain while movement. Flexibility becomes restricted and activity is curtailed due to the pain.

Sportsmen with this problem need to give it rest for a few weeks. To prevent further damage, they should avoid running and more so downhill, wear arched shoes, and avoid heeled shoes.

To keep themselves fit, they can do non weight bearing exercises like swimming, rowing and cycling.

Homoeopathic medicine has remedies to do away with the inflammation and help prevent further degenerative changes in the kneecap or patella. Apis Mel and Merc Sol relieve acute and chronic inflammation respectively when associated with swelling due to oozing of synovial fluid in the joints as a defensive reaction and pain is usually worse at night. Rhus Tox and Ruta are prescribed when the pain has occurred due to inadequate warm up before the game leading to pain as the muscle also gets affected if inflammation is not healed. Calc Flour is a remedy for runner's knee due to chronic synovial inflammation. With knee strengthening exercise, Homoeopathic medicine is the best bet to relieve the runner's knee.

Prostate hypertrophy

I am a 69-year-old diabetic and have been suffering from prostate problem with sudden urging for urination and an uncontrollable urge compelling me to go to the toilet immediately. Can homoeopathy help?

Bheeshma Rao

Ferrum picric 30 three doses a day for five days along with Phosphoric AC. Q twenty drops in a cup of water at bedtime for a fortnight would relieve you initially.


I am 33 years old and suffer from sinusitis causing nasal blocking and headache and frequent throat infection with fever. Can homoeopathy help?


Kali Bich 30 six pills three times a day for five days along with Sambucus mother tincture, 20 drops at bedtime for 15 days should gradually improve your resistance and decrease these episodes.

Frozen shoulder

I am a dentist and suffer from pain in the right shoulder at the end of the day making it difficult to lift. The situation is worse on exertion.


Ferrum Mur 30C six pills three times a day for five days should give you relief to start with and a proper follow up should help you.

Inter menstrual bleeding

I am 23 year old and have a 30-day cycle with normal bleeding for three-four 3-4 days. But on about the 16th or 17th day, develop spotting for about two days, which is disturbing.



Kreosote 30C six pills at bedtime for one week should help you see a change in the next cycle.


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