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Anti-glare glasses while working on the computer and dark glasses while driving in sunlight will ward off bad effects of bright light.

Take small but frequent breaks and rest your eyes to avoid common pitfalls

There can be no second opinion about the fact that being healthy is a personal choice and one has to work hard at it. True to the dictum there has been many a resolution on the eve of the New Year. In this era of computers and television, the visual apparatus i.e the eyes are kept busy and some attention needs to be paid to preserve their health.

Eyes are probably among the most uncomplaining organs and have a protective mechanism in the form of tears as the first defence line which also help in keeping them moist and nourished. The eyelids protect the eyes from dirt, dust and harsh light. The cornea is the black ball while the pupil is in the centre of the cornea which guides the light through the eye facilitating the rays to fall on the retina. It is a kind of a reflective mirror and conveys the stimulus from the eye on to the brain through an intricate wiring called as the optic nerve. There are some ways to see that the function is going on at its best.

Eyes need exercise too and that is why blinking often while peering at the computers would be helpful. Also keeping the eyes closed and rolling the eyeballs clockwise and anti clockwise three to four times on each occasion once an hour will have beneficial effects.

Taking away focus from work and looking at distant objects for about five minutes once in two hours is recommended. Rubbing the palms against each other cupping them against the eyes during work will be soothing for tired eyes. During breaks, splashing water on the face with eyes closed will have a relaxing overall effect. Stepping away from the air-conditioned environment into the fresh air will help reduce dryness of the eyes.

Protect your eyes

Anti-glare glasses while working on the computer and dark glasses while driving in sunlight will ward off bad effects of bright light.

Smoking and alcohol compromise on the blood supply to all the organs of the body including the eyes i.e to the optic nerve which carries the impulses which in turn affects the eyesight. Needless to say all these are better avoided.

Drinking water in general is good but further so in people working in air-conditioned environment and can cause puffiness of the face. Water negates all the ill effects too.

Citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, poultry, dairy products, chopped carrots, cucumber and fruits carry enough Vitamins A, C and E which have a positive impact on the health of your eyes.

Once eyestrain sets in, it can leads to a host of complaints. Apart from the lifestyle changes, Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Ruta, Onosmodium, Physostigma, Bryonia, Alumina, Euphrasia andMerc sol etc. which can help in that direction.


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