Depression And Physical Illness

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Depression is an illness that is made worse in case of physical problems

“T>um itna jo muskuraa rahe hon, kya gham hain jo mujhse chhupa rahein ho” is an evergreen ghazal good enough to evoke a response in a depressed individual to come out with their emotions and feelings.

Like any illness depression is also a state of mind probably everyone goes through at some point of his life for a certain amount of time.

Unfortunately either due to circumstances which cannot be changed or in situations wherein there is no considerable importance given to the condition of depression, people seem to sulk and sink in the same state of mind unattended to only worsening the situation. It is also a fact that if that phase of depression in one’s life coincides with a physical illness, things could be worse.

Various surveys conducted have revealed that about 20-25 per cent of people do suffer from depression at in varying intensities and about 10 per cent of people are overburdened with a chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis like conditions involving pain, neurological conditions and debilitating conditions like cancer. Depression is also common in illnesses where there is no particular reason for those to occur like chronic fatigue syndrome wherein the patient suffers from a chronic pain and the cause remains unfounded. As such dealing with a chronic illness causes a lot of distress and if one is already under mental depression there is additional suffering. Depression causes the positive frame of mind into submissiveness.

Thereby one cannot appreciate the betterment in the chronic illness and one seems to dwell in the same emotions. As such one does not respond as well to medicines when compared with individuals in a positive frame of mind. Needless to say such people do not adhere to proper advice, and are reluctant to take medication, make efforts to change lifestyles or indulge in the peremptory exercise. If the sense of well-being is not expressed by the patient and if the illness cannot be “measured” in the investigations, a physician may find it tougher to see the progress and suggest a follow-up.

The symptoms of depression include a lack of enjoyment in routine enjoyable activities, persistent bad moods, weeping, waking up in a sad mood. If one continues to be guilty about the past events and pessimistic of future days and if one lacks motivation in his duties while being anxious about day-to-day activities and trespassing thoughts of suicide once in a while, families need to act and see that one is under supervision and care.

Financial stress is one of the causes in a good percentage of individuals suffering with depression. It could also occur in “self sufficient” people whose wants exceed the needs. In poorer sections of the society, the living conditions and insufficient nutrition can cause physical and mental illness. Certain drugs are known to cause depression too, while conditions like hypothyroidism have mental depression as one of the chief complaints. And if one is suffering from a disease like epilepsy - which is a sort of a social stigma - it could make depression worse.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies which help in treatment of anxiety and depression. If it is the anxiety about routine affairs and to improve motivation in an individual, Argentum nitricum, Gelsemium are found to help. If it is the overwhelming sadness which is the cause and one does not express enjoyment in pleasurable activities, Ignatia is of great help. If the guilt of the past and the events bear upon the present day moods of the person, Natrum mur heals. If the suppressed emotions pull one down, Staphysagria is known to invigorate those. To see that the physical illness while the cloud of mental illness is blown away, Homoeopathic medicine is of significant help.

Writer’s cramps

On writing for sometime I develop pain and cramps in the forearms. My occupation involves writing for a few hours everyday. Can Homoeopathy help?


Once the cause is ascertained whether it is a muscular strain or the origin is related to the nerves a proper remedy would be suggested by your Homoeopath. Mag phos, Gelsemium, Cuprum met have been known to help such conditions.


I am a diabetic for the past ten years and am under treatment. I have developed eruptions on the lower limbs with pain. It heals and keeps coming back often and was diagnosed as Cellulitis. Can Homoeopathy help?


The side effects of diabetes involve impairment of blood supply to the peripheries of the body and Homoeopathic medicine can help in improving the flow with remedies like Seclae cor while the infection will be cleared with medication like Mercurius, Calendula, Echinacea, etc. Consult a Homoeopath.

Abdominal pain

I suffered with Typhoid about two months ago and have pain in the abdomen on and off since then. I have undergone all investigations which only say that there is still some “infection in the intestines”. Can Homoeopathy help?


Inflammation of the lining of the large intestine, “typhlitis” can occur after such infections. Such symptoms can be helped to normalcy with remedies like Belladonna, Colchicum, Baptisia, etc. Consult a Homoeopath.


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