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The medicine can help produce a lot of new bone cells around the injured area

Whether it is the effortless of swing of the arms by Yuvraj Singh in depositing the ball over the boundary ropes or the relentless printing by the young kid on the answer sheets at the annual examinations, it is the bones in the body which give the i nnate strength to go about our bodily functions. As such bones are the body’s calcium reservoirs and maintain the same throughout one’s life. But when undue outside forces are applied over the body, it is bound to cause a break, crack or more appropriately called a fracture, when the integrity of the bony structure is lost and it is unable to carry out its function.

Pain is the most significant feature of a fracture and the irritated nerve endings around the affected area convey the signals to the brain. Since broken bones also bleed, there is a swelling around the area and the associated swelling worsens the pain. As a protective reaction to hold the broken bones in place, the muscles go into a spasm and thereby create more pain. More obvious is the deformity of the affected area and also loss of function.

A fracture could occur in various ways when the physical force exerted on the bones is not withstood. If it is due to constant stress on the bones due to repetitive injury, like it is for sportsmen, it is known as ‘stress’ fracture. If the bone breaks into two pieces ,it is called simple fracture and if there are multiple pieces of bone injury it is termed communited fracture.

To start with, the affected area should be supported by pillows or cushions till medical help is ushered. In other words the patient should be immobilised. The attending doctor will ‘correct’ the bones by putting them in their proper alignment. At times this is done under anaesthesia. In case of communited fractures, the fragments need to be aligned by metal pins which may need or need not remain inside the body, once they heal. A cast of plaster of paris or the latest little weight plastic is done around the corrected area till it is supposed to heal which may be from four to eight weeks of injury. This is where homoeopathic medicine can come in and evoke and enhance the natural healing of the bones. It can help produce a lot of new bone cells around the area and the requisite new blood vessels necessary for the formation of the bone improve. To start with, Arnica will help reduce swelling and inflammation around the area thereby relieving the pain while Bellis Perennis is known to improve muscular spasm. Apart from the bones, if the ligaments are injured, Rhus tox comes into play. Soft tissues are known to heal faster under the influence of Mercurius and Calendula even as they afford the necessary antiseptic properties. Calcarea phos, Ruta, Calcarea flour are known to help in formation of callus thereby rejoining of the bones happens in a double quick time. Along with any other remedy, if Symphytum is given, it seldom fails.


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