Drooping Of Eyes

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It is important to protect your windows to the world - the eyes

Our eyes are the windows to the world capturing all the visual impulses and conveying them to the brain to be stored as photographic memory. The pupil in the middle of the eyeball carries the light to fall on the retina, which is the sensitive portion even as the eyelids keep flapping away any harmful pathogens from the environment while lubricating the exterior of the eye to carry on the functions normally. The eyelids carry on unobtrusively as they blip without our knowledge.

Sometimes eyelids could droop down partially obscuring the pupil, and thereby vision, which is termed as ptosis. The upper eyelids are lined by a tarsal plate which gives rigidity to them and a fine muscular layer called the levator that helps in the movement upwards and downwards. This tendon could sometimes detach or loosen akin to a knee ligament tear and cause ptosis.

Ptosis could be congenital due to lack of proper development of the levator muscle and the child tries to compensate it by tilting the head backwards or raising the eyebrows.

If the eyelid does not recoup by the age of four years, surgery is the best option for it.

Ptosis could also be due to muscle or a nerve disease and the treatment is initiated accordingly. In diseases like myasthenia gravis or other neural conditions, it could be the initial symptom of the disease. Diabetics remain more prone to this condition.

There could be irritation in the eye due to insufficient lubrication, difficulty in closing the eyelids completely and fatigue of the eyes. The common accompanying feature is diplopia or double vision.

Ptosis can be appropriately treated with homoeopathic medicines more so when the nerve and muscle are the cause. Gelsemium cures ptosis when it is associated with double vision and the muscle is weak as the patient feels a sensation of heaviness of the eyelid.

Exposure to cold may initiate an attack, which is cured by Causticum. Sluggishness of nervous system being the cause, Opium remedies it.

Stress, strain and stimulants like tobacco being the causative factors; ptosis is helped to recovery by Opium.


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