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If an unbearable headache with nausea is what you frequently suffer from, here are a few remedies.

If you develop a pain in one side of the head, associated with nausea and vomiting, that is triggered by anything you eat, smell, hear or see, you are likely to be suffering from migraine.

It may recur at irregular intervals incapacitating normal life for a few hours to a couple of days that one may dread its appearance on the eve of an examination and interview as it promptly announces its arrival in the form of an "aura" of fogginess of vision, etc.


Migraine is typically a one-sided headache and sometimes can occur on both sides too. The pain is so bad that there is increased sensitivity to slightest sound and light, and the person seeks solace in a dark room and quiet surroundings as the pulsating or throbbing pain could get worse on slightest physical activity too.

There could be vertigo or giddiness associated with the episode.

Our brain cells are nourished by the blood supply and due to some triggers, besides certain areas, the arteries or blood vessels could be constricted and the oxygen deficiency leads to the body reacting and trying to dilate them causing the severe episode of headache.

The usual suspects for the trigger of migraine include caffeine in coffee and tea, cocoa in chocolates, carbonated colas, alcohol, foods like sauces, Chinese menu, fermented pickles, yeast containing sandwiches, breads, nuts and peanuts, saccharin, dairy products, ice cream, etc.


Any delay in the food, lack of sleep, anxiety and stress, changes in climate, evening at the movies can all cause an episode of migraine.

Women are more prone as the changes in hormone levels can trigger an attack.

Children due to stress of exams at school or increased physical activity during playtime are also equally affected.


Homoeopathy has excellent remedies, which can abort an attack of the migraine even as the aura is on the horizon, relieve an episode of migraine and, over a period, with medication decrease the intensity and frequency of attacks before forcing them into oblivion altogether.


Belladonna, Glonoine help in aborting an attack, Chelidonium, Nux vomica, Sanguinaria, Iris vers, and Ipecac help in relieving and cure attacks of migraine.


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