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A systematic sleep pattern coupled with regular physical exercises considerably relieves insomnia.


We live in a world of our own during our sleep and yearn to be there for a few hours till the sunny morning beckons us for a bright ensuing day. It is when one cannot fall asleep or if it is interrupted that makes one sicker with a sense of unease the next morning.

Insomnia or sleeplessness is usually associated with emotional or mental tension, anxiety, depression, problems at work and financial stress. It could also occur due to a physical cause or any illness that can cause pain or discomfort.

There could be some temporary causes like travelling to a new place; an uncomfortable new mattress or an environment with noise, even tight night clothing, which can contribute, but all can be remedied when the cause is removed. A spouse with a snoring problem does not help one sleep.

Causative factors

Inordinate life styles like heavy meal at bedtime, alcohol intake before sleep, high beverage consumption , smoking, watching television by the bedside, heavy exercise before sleep time and lack of exercise during the day can all cause this malady.

"Restless legs syndrome," narcolepsy where the patient falls into sleep suddenly during the daytime, chronic illness like kidney failure, pregnancy, advancing age and some medications come in the way of a good night's sleep.

An insomniac would toss and turn in bed and finds himself awake with thoughts of the work of the day and other stressful ideas. The solitude can also add some fear and anxiety to further his imagination. Some people find themselves awake probably to answer nature's call and have difficulty in falling asleep again. Thus the couple of hours of sleep that they get during the early morning hours leave them with a lethargic feeling. Irritability, lack of concentration and sleepiness during daytime ensue to a good measure interfering with the daily activities.

Management and treatment

Following, a regular time pattern of going to bed and waking up, sleeping on a comfortable mattress in a noise-free room would help. There can be no remedy for anxiety but trying to keep away troublesome thoughts and following physical exercises daily would help a lot. Aurum met helps despair and depression. chronic illness causing sleeplessness is remedied gradually by Nux vomica. If the problem were drug related Avena sativa would be the right remedy. Staphysagria corrects sleepiness during day and restlessness causing sleeplessness is helped by Tarentula and Valeriana.

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Poor appetite

My 16 -month-old son has completely lost his appetite. Sometime ago he had loose motions which were better after homoeopathic medicine. Now he sips little water frequently and wants mother by his side all the time.


BRYONIA 30C three times a day for five days should gradually restore his appetite.

Stricture urethra

I have difficulty in passing urine, in the sense that it starts only after straining and the stream is thin followed by burning sensation which lasts for sometime. I am only 33-year-old and this is gradually getting worse for the past few months.


Stricture urethra is a common condition in which all the above symptoms are predominant. CLEMATIS 30C three times a day for five days should give you relief to start with and report the progress to a homeopath for a follow up.

Agonising headache

I have pain in the back of the head, which later spreads all over and there is a feeling as if some insects are crawling in the head. I feel depressed due to it.


SILICEA 30C three times a day for five days should give you relief to start with and follow up with other combinations would gradually cure the problem.

Cataract surgery

I am unable to undergo surgery for cataract as I suffer from glaucoma . Suggest a remedy.



The changes in the lens cannot be reversed but further degeneration can be slowed down. Consult a homoeopath for the same.


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