Facial Palsy

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Effective dealing with facial palsy is important as it can effect a person physically and mentally.

How worthy is a sweet smile? Apart from setting many hearts aflutter, and evoking a pleasant reaction, it can also launch a thousand ships. What if the seemingly effortless expression becomes an exercise in futility and it ends up asymmetrical as only one side responds to your wish? The effect could be a blow to one's self-esteem and worse if the turn of events happens in less than a week.

Bell's palsy or Facial palsy as it is commonly called is due to compression or inflammation of the facial nerve, which traverses through from the skull through one foramen behind the ear and through the parotid gland at the base of the lower jaw. It carries information from the brain to one side of the face and these impulses help in contracting the muscles of the cheek, neck, etc., apart from the eyelids responding to wink at regular intervals. It also helps the secretion of salivary glands while imparting sensation of taste to a part of the tongue even as the perception of sound to a certain extent to our ears.

In certain conditions when there is infection with bacteria and viruses, the nerve gets involved leading to this problem. But some triggers like stress, lack of sleep, chronic illness, impaired immunity all create a ground for the infections to dominate. To counter the pathogens our body produces antibodies to see us through illness and injury meanwhile causing the nerve to inflame (expand and swollen) and as it traverses through a narrow canal the compressed nerve leads to all the symptoms.

It is rapid to start and all symptoms can appear in a matter of two days to one week and can last even till three months as the nerve needs to regenerate. The severity could vary in intensity as it could be a mild weakness or paralysis. There is a difficulty in lifting the eyebrow and thereby the skin over the forehead, difficulty in closing and opening of the eyelids and thereby constant watering of the eyes. There is no difficulty in chewing the food though. Headache is common and so is the loss of taste of part of the tongue.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to relieve the inflammation over the nerve thereby the swelling and compression is relaxed. It also helps in rapid recovery of the symptoms and the nerves innervating the affected muscles come back to normal sooner.

Causticum helps when the weakness sets in gradually on the right side of the face. Cadmium helps when left side is affected. Dulcamara helps when infection occurs in damp, cold weather associated with pain in the ear worse at night. Gelsemium is probably the best remedy for such condition due to its remedying effect on the nervous system and the lack of muscular coordination due to muscular weakness.

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Diabetic nephropathy

My nephrologist has confirmed a compromise of my kidney function due to long-standing diabetes and hypertension. My serum creatinine is 4.5 and urea is 90mg/dl. Can homoeopathy help?

Uma Maheshwar Rao

Homoeopathic medicines like Sulphur, Digitalis, and Eel serum help in maintaining and in some cases improve renal function to a certain extent while diabetes and hypertension are kept under check by the medication you are already under.

Skin eruptions

I am now in the eighth month of my pregnancy and have developed skin eruptions (filled with fluid) all over my body with severe itching at night. My gynaecologist says it happens in a percentage of women during pregnancy. I feel better by applying ice. Please recommend a remedy.


Nux Vomica 30C three times a day for five days should relieve you to start with and report the progress to a homoeopath.

Bruised eyebrow

While playing at school my son got hurt over the left eyebrow and now it is swollen, bluish and tender to touch. His eyes were examined and any internal injury has been ruled out.

R. Sinha

Ledum Pal 30C six pills every four hours for five days will help in rapid healing of the area.

Controlling cholesterol

I am 34 and I like eating non-vegetarian food and despite exercising, my cholesterol and triglycerides levels are about 270 and 390 respectively. Is there any remedy?

Vineet A

Take Allium Sativa Q one teaspoon in a cup of water at bedtime for one month and report the progress to a homoeopath.


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