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Proper dental care in children will help in the long run.

`CATCH 'EM young' seems to be the idea of the manufacturing companies that entice primary school children with their products which have high amount of sugar and less ratio of nutrients and a tattoo or a tazo to go with it, promising to make him a superman. Well, the first casualty of this sugary onslaught are the teeth.

A child suffering from irritable gums when the teeth are erupting tends to chew on non-edible items and is prone to fever, indigestion and diarrhoea. A child beyond 1-1/2 years of age refusing to let go off the milk bottle, child refusing to properly brush his teeth, chewing on chocolates, sugar-based gums, indiscriminate intake of sweets, ice-creams, artificial flavoured colas, etc., is precipitating the cause for ailments of the gums and teeth.

A child who is under certain drugs for some ailments, deficiency of calcium and in some cases inherited conditions can cause the same ailments.

The sugar in the foods tends to remain on the teeth along with other unbrushed particles on the surface, and plaque which interact to form an acid that scrapes off the gingival layer leading to pale, discoloured sometimes yellowish or brownish appearance finally forming cavities. The result is acute pain, which leads to the child refusing food.

It is necessary to prevent the infection and if cavities form, they have to be filled with neutral material.

Children should be discouraged from sugar candies, chocolates and snacks more often. Sweets should be given along with a meal.

They should brush their teeth twice a day. Little toothpaste should be given and insisted that they should not swallow it.

Homoeopathic Medicine has excellent remedies to control the infection and prevent further damage to the teeth in the form of cavities. Chamomilla helps get rid of fever, diarrhoea and colic incidental to teething. Staphysagria prevents the erosion of material of teeth after infection has occurred. Coffea & Plantago give relief from the pain. Merc Sol controls the infection along the line of the gums.

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