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Stress can be worsened by parental expectations and it can work negatively on the children.


To achieve our goals we need to make a big effort in that direction. Whether we like it or not, better education enables us to many choices in adult life apart from better opportunities and the best possibilities. More so in a culture like ours a child is under pressure to perform better in examinations. Probably this is the first major stress in a man's life.

When there is an imminent task at hand it creates a sense of excitement, tension and pressure; all this is nothing but the feeling of stress. In such a situation the body produces a hormone called adrenaline, which is in normal terms a "fight or flight" hormone. This hormone gives one the energy to "get going" which is necessary to put in the effort. This is all a part of the everyday living and accentuated when there are examinations. This chemical helps the body to give energy to physically get over things and when the person does not use the chemical it can harm the individual. So stress can help people achieve their best and in ones that is not channelised properly can cause distress and failure. Stress can be harmful if the task to achieve is more than what an individual can take or manage or if there a group of small tasks which build up to cause major stress.

If a child is unable to manage stress it can show in characteristic behavioural changes. The child could get upset or angry at trifles, throw tantrums, becomes morose and moody, feels tired on studying a little which in turn affects his concentration which is crucial at that hour. These children start to get worried, overwhelmed by the task, helpless, tend to blame and complain on imaginary things and may even tend to cry. When enthusiasm simmers down and the usual interest in things wanes down, the immune resistance of the body to viruses and infection also proportionately increases. Unable to express, they say that they have tenseness of muscles, backache, headache etc.

The stress can be worsened by expectation of the parents, their compulsion on children without giving ventilation to their problems, desired course of studies that can work negatively on the children. An undue stress at the time of examinations like change of house, conflict in the family, visiting of relatives can all create more disturbances in their efforts. Being a perfectionist can start from childhood and if children have their attitude it can double their stress and more so if they have to win all the arguments while some children can get drawn into negative attitudes due to the environment around them and can under-perform with their abilities.

Parents can help the children to revise their work, make notes, praising their efforts would help the child to reinforce positive attitudes further. Organizing their timetable, making realistic targets will help them feel free. Feeling organized about little things like clothes, food, pens, transport during these times can cut down on stress. Parent should encourage their children to have their food on time, avoiding serving sugar rich foods, coffee, giving them more fruits as snacks will help. They should be encouraged to sleep on time and rest so that lack of sleep does not hamper the concentration and efforts.

In spite of all this, if the child feels moose, moody, jumpy and fidgety and tends to waver in concentration, homoeopathic medicine should help. Staphysagria relaxes the undue stress causing the child to become depressed and suppressing emotions to a good extent. If the child is depressed and tends to cry, Ignatia should help. If the child is unable to get over the loss of marks or tends to brood over that seems to affect his preparation for the moment, Natrum mur would help. In spite of the child preparing well but unable to do well as he seems to forget at the crucial moments, Argentum nitrictum and Gelsemium are found useful. If they are obviously not able to do well, or maybe not working as well as they can, remember that there are other ways to do well in life without passing exams. For those who are not yet ready to work well at their study for some reason, there can always be another time.


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