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Bleeding can be a cause for concern


Any loss of blood through the rectum evident while passing stool could just be annoying or a cause for concern and medical help is necessary to ascertain the probable cause for the same. Rectal bleeding is the one which passes out of the last part of the gastrointestinal tract, the rectum, and could originate from any part of the system. Depending on the origin and the course the colour could be red, maroon or even black. Moderate or severe bleeding can lead to weakness, dizziness, fainting, signs of low blood pressure among other symptoms immediately and if it is mild and over a period of time, symptoms of anaemia can predominate.

One of the usual causes would be haemorrhoids, commonly called piles, in which due to constipation over a period of time the person experiences difficulty in passing stool, notices hurting in the blood vessels in the layer of the rectum that leads to bleeding. Since the condition is noticed from the last part of the gastrointestinal tract, the bleeding is in the form of bright red drops passed along with the stool. But if the pain is predominant and persists for hours after passage of stool and there are only streaks of blood during evacuation, fissures in the anus can be the cause and in this condition too the blood appears reddish.

The not-so-common cause of loss of blood through the tract is called diverticulosis, wherein there is formation of pouches in the intestinal walls and in rare conditions there is profuse loss of reddish blood leading to state of near fainting.

If there is pain in the abdomen associated with the bleeding rectum, it is usually due to acute condition like dysentery or an inflammation of the layer of the colon called colitis. Sometimes our immune system mistakes the layer to be detrimental and causes an inflammation, erosion and thereby bleeding.

To diagnose the cause and location of the bleeding is primary while Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to stop active bleeding and preventing repeated bleeding. Hamamellis and Ustilago are a couple of remedies that help in Haemorrhoids while Ac.nit and Collinsonia reduce the activity of anal fissures. While the polyps of the colon suspected to be cancerous are being addressed with surgery or complementary medicine, the amount of blood being lost from the lesion is reduced by Millefolium thereby limiting the need for frequent transfusions. While the auto immune nature of diseases like ulcerative colitis is being subdued Homeopathic medicines like Merc cor and Colocynth bring about the much needed relief. Phosphorus, Symphytum and Ornithogalum are remedies for ulceration and bleeding from the stomach.

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Bleeding in the eye

In spite of my blood sugar levels being under control with diet and medication since the last 18 years that I have been a diabetic, I developed “retinal haemorrhage” in the right eye. I have undergone laser surgery but the opinion is that there are similar changes in the left eye too. Can Homoeopathy help?

Sundaram Blood vessels bear the brunt of varying levels of blood sugar over the years and are prone to damage in the eye and heart. Homeopathic medicine will help you in slowing down such degenerative changes. Arnica, Bothrops and Crotalus horridus are few remedies that will help you. Consult a Homoeopath.


My six-year-old daughter opens her mouth while breathing at night and also frequently develops cold and cough. What can be done?

Asmitha The respiratory pathway contains a pair of lymph tissue ie. Adenoids, which tends to get swollen and thereby causing nasal blockage; hence the child tends to snore. Homeopathic medicine has good remedies like Thuja, Kali bich and Sticta, which can prevent the inflammation and blockage and prevent recurrent episodes of cold and cough.


Is there any remedy for Schizophrenia in Homoeopathy?

Abc Suspicion, disorganised thinking, hallucinations and delusions are the usual symptoms of illness of mind, Schizophrenia. Homeopathic medicine can help depending on the stage of the disease, by bringing down the intensity and progress of the disease. Lachesis, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium and Staphysagria are a few remedies which help in such conditions.


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