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“Choo lene do naazuk hothon ko, kuch aur nahi hain jam hain yeh,
kudrat ne hampe baksha hain, woh sabse badein enaam hain yeh”


Alcohol in whichever form it is like wine, whisky etc. produces a chemical called dopamine in between the nerve cells which to start with produces a pleasurable sensation. It is a substance which is in vogue by the users as a social drink later takes the form of an abuse and finally drowns in the victim in the form of addiction. It is a matter of concern for the self, family and society if the drug in the liquid form transcends over the health, personal, financial, financial and work spheres affecting life adversely.


A good number of people are used to alcohol as a social drink and find that it simply enhances the pleasure of the normally pleasurable experiences. They are in perfect control in the amount of drink they have during the social intercourse and never found trespassing civil conversations and do not find complaints against them from society due to the drink. Health is not affected due to their occasional adventure of a peg of a drink about once or twice a month. They never experience any problems due to alcohol as such.


But some people find this drug useful as they feel differently about themselves. Sometimes they trespass and find themselves having more than they intend to but though regret and try to correct it. They do tend to get into issues due to the drink but still are in a state where they take the feedback or complaints about them positively and term them as expressions of kith and kin as concern and well-being. But the optimism in them sees that they don’t cross the line again and make firm decisions. These people are in a state of drug abuse now and then but the hope is eternal.


More often than not the state of social drinking and later abuse seem to go woefully wrong and individuals enter the state of addiction. These individuals experience negative consequences but continue to drink inspite of it. They do set themselves a limit but are unable to adhere to it. Near and dear find that they break the promises about the moderation of drink they make. Guilt and remorse are shortlived and they get into the abyss as soon as they touch the booze. The comments, complaints and resentment are plainly disregarded. This is the state which is the most deleterious of all.


Social drinkers are fine. But individuals even with an occasional abuse need to curb their drinking totally and once they are reminded of the issues and problem they had to face due to the bottle they may be convinced or otherwise professional help would definitely mend their behaviour. But it is the people addicted to alcohol who need the most help as abstinence from this mood and later mind altering substance is pertinent and this is where when there is a will, Homoeopathic Medicine has a way. Chelidonium and Lycopodium help the vital organ, the liver to metabolize appropriately. Ars alb, Nux vomica, Ac. Sulph, Quercus have the ability in giving further resolve to the person who intends to quit. While Phosphorus, Staphysagria, Ignatia help him to fight through the stressful phase when the body craves for alcohol. This month when September is marked for spreading awareness of alcohol addiction, Homoeopathy treads them in the right direction.




Ear discharge: I have been suffering from discharge from the right ear since childhood ( atleast 15 years now) on and off. The pus is yellowish and foul odour emits. I suffer from regular bouts of cold too. – Naren.

A: Just as there is a cold leading to nasal discharge and thereby secondary infection, so too in the ear the serous or thin watery, white blood cell rich discharge forms as a reaction and the bacterial infection causes formation of pus. This erodes the ear cells and thereby regular discharge is a trouble which gradually can lead to hearing loss too. Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies like Pulsatilla, Silicea etc. which can regulate the infection and see that further damage to hearing does not occur. Consult a Homoeopath.


Cough: I suffered form viral fever and later cough has remained for four weeks. As such I have never suffered from any allergy. - abc.
A: Hepar sulf, Spongia, Kali bich are a few remedies which will get rid of the cough occurring due to suppressed nasal catarrh. Consult a Homoeopath.


Nodules in thyroid:I found a fine swelling on the throat region and when consulted was advised FNAC. Few cells were removed through a syringe but it did not reveal any cancer or any other problem. There is a second swelling too on the other lobe of the thyroid gland and have been advised complete removal of the gland just to be on the safer side. I also have fine nodules in the breast and through mammogram have been diagnosed to be fibroadenoma. – abc.

A: Once malignancy has been ruled out you can try remedies like Thuja, Bromium, Calc iod etc. under the advice of a Homoeopath and if there is no change after a while you can look for other options.


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