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Homoeo Call It is not always mental stress but metabolic stress that affects the intensity of healing.


Amongst the advancements in therapeutics, surgery has surged ahead in the last couple of decades. Each illness has a probability of treatment either medically or through surgery. Apart from the procedure, it is also the phase in the hospital and a few weeks later that is crucial. But when you encounter a patient after such a procedure, one thing that is always on his mind is pain and he wants relief from that. It is important to alleviate pain for various reasons too and homoeopathic medicine is second to none in affording this relief as an ideal system of complementary medicine.

Prompt pain relief also helps the surgeon to advise proper nutrition to the patient. Early relief helps the patient to go on a nutritious diet to come out of this predicament.

The body is also under stress due to surgery. It is not always mental stress but metabolic stress that affects the intensity of the healing of the bruised areas. If pain is relieved, the body's `cooling capacity' would help in rapid and less complicated recovery.


The sore, bruised pain after a procedure responds well to Arnica, Baptisia, Aconite etc. If the pain is due to inflammatory changes Belladonna and Ferrum phos have been found to be of use. The inflammatory changes with wounds on the way to healing can cause pain that is alleviated by Anthracinum, Belladonna, Hepar sulph etc. Any secondary infection of the area is prevented and helped by Pyrogenum. The primary remedy to prevent infection and promote healthy granulation is Calendula. The cuts are healed by Staphysagria. The painful pricks are remedied early by Hypericum.


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