Post Partum Depression

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HOMOEO CALL Swinging hormonal levels can play havoc, but help is at hand.


The onset of motherhood is a time of excitement and joy which a woman cherishes through her lifetime. For the amount of love and affection that a woman bestows on her child the celebration of "Mother's day" is a very small speck on the radar. But sometimes it can go all wrong leading to a state of postpartum depression and in rare cases in the form of psychosis.

Emotions of feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable and down in the dumps for a short period probably happen in everyone's life at one point or the other but if the feelings of sadness, loss, anger and frustration interfere with one's life for an extended period of time it is very likely to be mental depression. This phase is likely to occur within the first year of pregnancy and delivery and is called postpartum depression. Tiredness, problems in sleeping and stronger emotional reactions all are a part of depression too and there are many reasons why a woman could go through this phase.
During pregnancy if she has conceived at a very young age, if she is already under depression due to circumstances, if there is a family history of anxiety and depression, if she has little support from family and friends, anxiety about childbirth, problems in marital life, financial stress can all cause depression and this could reflect on her life with her little child after delivery too.

Hormones in the body i.e progesterone and oestrogen increase rapidly during pregnancy and fall to normal limits within days of childbirth and this variation is explained as one of the reasons for depression. So too thyroid hormone levels as they are low during few months later and it is a known fact too that the deficiency of thyroid hormones makes one increasingly prone to depression. To make it worse, the deficiency also leads to depressed moods, decreased interest in things, irritability, fatigue, difficulty in concentration, sleep problems and weight gain only make things difficult.

It may be a bundle of joy for the mother but at the same time it also means disturbed sleep patterns, overwhelming needs of the infant to be taken care of, feeling of loss of identity, feeling of less attractiveness because of change in figure etc. There is also loss of control over time and the need to stay indoors for longer periods of time, lesser time with other members of the family can all compel her into this state of stress.

A woman could feel restless, irritable, sad, have trouble focusing on issues, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, withdrawal from other family members, vague pain in the head or chest etc. Mood swings, crying, sadness and loss of appetite predominate.

A woman would do well to steal a nap when her baby is taking a nap, leave things for others too and seeking help in taking care of the baby, take a breath of fresh air by leaving the house for a while seeking to run small errands. Counselling can be sought and even speaking to other young mothers can be of solace. Homoeopathic medicine can of help. If it is overwhelming gloom and irritability, Actea racemosa helps. If depression is predominant with radical thoughts like suicide on occasions, Aurum met is useful to see the sense of purpose. If anger is dominant Stramonium is helpful and when suspicion is troublesome, Hyoscyamus is helpful.

Control over urination

My mother is 67-year-old and is unable to control the urge for urination she passes a few drops on the way to restroom.It is disturbing her confidence. Can homoeopathy help?


Incontinence or an urge for urination with urgency when the control over urination does not seem to be sufficient in women of menopausal age and later on. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Causticum, Sepia, Equisetum etc . which can help in gaining better control.

Stomach cancer

My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer about a fortnight ago with only symptom of vomiting food regularly for the past six months. A part of malignant material was removed surgically but some of it remains and is likely to spread. Would there be a solution?


To see that the malignancy does not spread is the challenge even while symptomatic treatment is given to continue with retaining function of the stomach etc. Ornithogalum, Bismuth, Carcinosin etc. are a few remedies which can help.

Skin problem

I have severe itching, irritation, oozing and some fluid filled eruptions all over the body for the past three years. It was diagnosed as Pemphigus. I am a woman going through menopause and would want relief from this condition.



Ac. Nit 30c twice a day for five days would be of some relief to start with and for a follow up consult your nearest homoeopath. It is an autoimmune disease and homoeopathic medicine would help you by pushing it into an inactive phase.


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