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Sportsmen are prone to injury, tennis elbow in particular. Here's how the condition can be treated

What can be more pleasing than to watch Sachin Tendulkar sending the ball through the covers, thumping the boards and leaving the offside to the applause of the fielders.

But the little master has been bogged down by injuries, the recent one being the tennis elbow. Well, any repetitive motion over a period of time can trigger a rapid degeneration of tissues and with the frequent schedule of matches, there's hardly any time to recover.

Wear and tear

The muscles of the forearm control the movement of the hands and wrists. These muscles are attached to the bone at the elbow by smooth, strong, shiny and rope-like fibres called tendons. The tendons are usually tough but if they are involved in frequent, repetitive, forceful movement in awkward positions of the wrists and forearms, there is a strain.

Human body recovers well to correct it by formation of scar tissues. But in athletes where there is unrelenting effort of these tendons, the injury that is still healing is exposed to further stress and they become thick, bumpy and irregular while being permanently weakened. If it happens in the ligaments of the elbow — where the access to nutrition and oxygen are not at their best since the blood flow is less — the time for healing is longer. If it happens in sport persons where the stress on the area never seems to cease, the case can be worse. This condition is called tennis elbow.

The sign of such an occurrence is when there is pain on the bony part of the elbow joint, which tends to increase when involved in bending, gripping and rotation of the wrists. Pain would persist even at rest. If pain persists for days with difficulty in lifting weights, this could be the underlying cause. Inability to straighten or flex the arm can also occur.

Management and treatment

Rest the arm till the pain subsides, massage and give warm fomentations to relieve stress and tension. Also do warm-up exercises to strengthen and prevent recurrence of injury. Improvement of techniques in sportsmen would help.

But homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to relieve the discomfiture, pain to start with.

Arnica — when over use is the cause with pain on slightest pressure is applied. When there is wasting of the muscles of the forearm, Aurum met is found to help and Bellis perennis helps when exertion without proper warm up is a cause. If the condition has lasted for sometime or has recurred with the same intensity, Calcarea flour helps while Hypericum relieves the pain along the muscles into the wrists. Rhus tox is another remedy of profound use as the ligaments and tendons with inflammatory response and scar tissue respond to it. Ruta has been worth its weight in gold as it initiates a healing response in the affected area.

Quit smoking

I am unable to quit smoking and feel that not all smokers suffer from complications.


Immediate reasons to stop smoking are bad breath, stained teeth, lower athletic ability, cough, sore throat, high blood pressure and risk for people around you. Long term reasons are risk of lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems, stomach ulcers, gum disease and setting a bad example to children.

Bartholin's cysts

I develop swelling in the genitalia, which is painful on movement. I took treatment from a gynaecologist but it has grown again. Can homoeopathy help?


Bartholin glands in the vagina could get infected and fill with pus and form into cysts. Depending on the size and the accumulation, it is easy to drain or treat with medicine. Consult a homoeopath.

Shooting pain

I am 59 years old, diabetic for the last 15 years and have pain in the front portion of the leg and the thigh region, which gets worse on standing and movement. Can homoeopathy help?


The cause of the pain needs to be ascertained, whether it is the deficient blood circulation into the lower limbs due to diabetes or osteoporosis, which is common at your age. Then, remedy can be suggested.

Motion sickness

On riding in a car or a bus, I have nausea and vomiting. How can this be prevented?


Cocculus 30c an hour before the journey should help.


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