Fungal infection of groins

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Keep the jock itch at bay by following a few rules of the game for summer

DAAD, KHAAJ, Khujli, Jalan are all the worrisome symptoms compelling one to reach out to the over the counter topical applications for some relief which remains only a mirage. The advent of summer is an ideal time for fungi, which tend to multiply and flourish in the warm, moist, humid and sweaty creases of the body.

Tinea cruris is the fungus that thrives due to tight clothes where air does not circulate, worse in overweight and obese persons; people who tend to sweat profusely or even otherwise.

Effects of heat

The condition is commonly called as jock itch. The fiery forties of the mercury cause the inner side of thighs, the groins, buttocks, anal area, armpits, underneath of breasts to sweat more and form a fertile, inviting ground for the fungus to cause havoc.

The Tinea infection causes a red, sore eruptions healing in between and forming a ring like pattern. The most troublesome feature because of the infection is itching, disturbing one's concentration at work and peace at home. It forces the affected to scratch leading to rawness and soreness of the area and also causes spread to other areas of the body.

Dos and don'ts

An appropriate way to prevent is to see that the clothes are clean and dry before wearing and the garments should preferably be loose to fit in summer. After exercise it is good to have a shower and apply powder in areas where ventilation does not reach. Refrain from using common towels.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to get rid of the infection and all its symptoms like redness, soreness and itching while allowing one to keep summer at bay. Caladium relieves the itching and discharge when genitals are affected. Patients who complain of itching on undressing for a bath can get relief by using Kali ars and Sepia. Sulphur cures the infection in the creases and folds apart from itching if lack of hygiene is the cause. Excessive perspiration being the cause, Mercurius banishes it.


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