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There can be many reasons for nose bleeds.


The nasal septum contains many fragile, tiny blood vessels that can bleed easily.


Nosebleeds are scary to get and look much worse than they really are. They are not serious most of the time. One would need to stay calm as more often than not they can be taken care of at home unless they recur regularly or last for more than 15 min utes.

The nasal septum or the tissues separating the two sides of the nose contains many fragile, tiny blood vessels that can bleed easily. They can be influenced by physical contact and also due to environmental changes and can starting oozing which is the most likely site of any nasal bleed. Children are prone to this condition as the Littleā€™s Area, the soft tissue in the nose, as it is called, is still formative and is more prone to bleeding if they happen to stick objects into the nose while playing.

In adults, it could be due to an injury to the face and the look of it turns scary for ones around and who insist on medical help. Any dryness of the nasal passages will also cause an extravasation of blood from the vessels of the nose. The dryness can be caused by dry environments around especially in the colder climes when people stay indoors in artificially heated surroundings, which saps away hydration from the body. If they fail to use the dehumidifiers promptly nosebleeds could make an appearance.

In people suffering from conditions like allergic rhinitis and sinusitis if they happen to blow the nose hard nosebleed could occur. The formation of crusts in nostrils can also insist on them to clear which causes this problem again. Repeated use of nasal sprays has been known to cause it. Individuals using life saving drugs that can slow down the clotting of blood have been known to suffer for a little longer than usual if nosebleeds start due to some other cause. High blood pressure can cause it though the incidence is not very common.

Cocaine drug users can compel the dryness and degeneration of the nasal septum to cause bleeding from the nose. Only if the recurrence of the bleeding is there and it lasts for a longer time your physician would look for a cause like decreased platelet count or some other diseases of the blood. One would do well to pinch the soft parts of the nose with the thumb and index finger and compressing against the bony parts of the face for about five minutes so that the nosebleed stops. It can be extended for another five minutes too and if there is no cessation after fifteen minutes medical help can be sought. Meanwhile, one can apply ice to the area. One should be discouraged to lie down as it can cause irritation of the throat and induce nausea and vomiting.

The main reason for the nosebleeds i.e. due to an injury is always healed rapidly by Arnica. If it is due to the environment causing dryness, Bryonia and Ferrum phos would help. Am monium carb helps in many cases when the cause is the repeated nasal problem. If it is due to irritation of the nasal passages due to inhalant drugs, Phosphorus is known to heal it. If the cause is not known, and primarily if the aim is to stop nosebleeds, Millefolium is always prompt in action. Once the cause is identified by your homoeopath nosebleeds are better managed.

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I have pain while passing stool and which continues for almost half a day making my life at work very uncomfortable.

I am in a sedentary job. I also had constipation during pregnancy when this problem started.

I underwent a surgery but the problem has recurred. Can homoeopathy help?


Pain due to the fissure can be relieved with medicines like Ratanhia, Paeonia and Ac.nit and later the cause of the problem that is constipation needs to be treated with remedies like Sulphur s o that your problem does not recur. homoeopathic medicine has a solution for this. Consult a homoeopath.


My wife underwent surgery for cancer of the uterus in 2003.

Recently it was diagnosed that cancer has begun spreading to the bones of the lower back. She is under chemotherapy with side effects like vomiting.

How can homoeopathy help?


Cadm. Sulph, Ipecac and Hydrastis are remedies which can symptomatically relieve her nausea and vomiting. Complementarily homoeopathic medicine can help her in the treatment of the main condition of cancer with remedi es like Ars alb and Phos, which would be selected on the basis of her history and symptoms. Consult a homoeopath.


My six-month-old daughter has icthyosis with dryness and flaking of the skin from the back of the knees and the folds of the elbows. Can homoeopathy help?


It is a condition in which there is itching and flaking of the skin with oozing on scratching due to predominantly dry skin.


Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Sarsaparilla and Sepia, which can help reduce the condition. Consult a homoeopath.


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