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Homeo call Ganglions develop gradually at a varied pace and are of no cause for concern until they lead to limitation of movement.


A thick, sticky, clear, colourless jelly like material held in a sac is called a cyst and if this occurs at the junction of the muscle and the bone, it is termed as a ganglion. The usual spot where ganglions occur are the wrists, finger joints and so metimes the back of the knee.

Ganglions develop over a period of time gradually at a varied pace and are of no cause for concern until and unless they lead to limitation of movement and pain.

Pain which intrudes with day to day life and occupation is the reason why any treatment is attempted for such growths. It can occur both in men and women while the fairer sex have an increased predilection to the occurrence and not common in children. Of late evidence suggests that the occupations which involve increased stress on the wrists are more prone to the problem.

It is of late studied that the synovium of the layer covering the bones of the wrists due to constant irritation or trauma insist the production of mucin which in turn channels into a sac with this liquid forming a cyst or a ganglion.

There could be a limitation of movement of the wrist, pain on motion or even when hanging the limb down and if the ganglion intends to impinge on the surrounding structures and nerves there is a state of numbness along the course and not often the burning pain along the fingers. The stress on the nerves also increases the weakness of the hand, wrist downwards. The pain or discomfort is usually exacerbated by the movement or the action of the affected wrist and has been found to be better at rest.

A splint will help in limiting the sudden, unwarranted movements of the wrists which can exacerbate the pain while giving rest to the joint. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies such as Ruta, Rhus tox which can reduce the inflamm ation of the muscles and the tendons that can lead to formation of cysts. The repetitive movements which can worsen that condition can be given some solace with help of remedies like Ferrum mur, Arnica. If there is numbness and burning pain beneath and above the wrist due to compression, Hypericum has been found to be of help. To prevent such cysts and ganglions to recur, Calcarea flour is of profound help. Whether it is the supple wrists of the c ricketers, nimble movements of the cloth makers or tech-savvy software engineers, homoeopathic medicine helps clear the ganglions of one and all.


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