Coping with migration

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It is easy to overlook the unsettling aspect of migration but medicines can help.


When one grows up in a society there are a set of codes of conduct and culture to which one becomes acclimatised but once they reach another country these reference points are different and individuals get a cultural shock as they are forced to understand and anticipate events differently and have to adapt. When one moves away from the home country there is a loss of identity, lack of touch with traditions and values with which they have lived, loss of support network as they are away from family, friends and familiar community. They are away from the environs of home and in some cases there is a loss of job, career and position in the society. As they move on to the new world there is a sense of isolation as they still have to network for friends, communication could be affected due to a different languages or accent, they still need to adapt to the new culture around them, need to look for or settle in their new jobs and profiles even housing could be an issue.

The initial response could just be anxiety and the approach to overcome the new changes but the conditions can become overpowering or the individuals would not be in a very good state of mind to face the new challenges when the mind could get affected further. Since there would be no outlet for the pent up feelings, the stress levels rise. There could be a difficulty in trusting others, forming relationships, sleep could be unrefreshing due to nightmares, hallucinations, irrational fears could set in, and they could be more defensive in their approach to work and society while depression gradually seeps in.

Mental depression can take a toll in every aspect of life if individuals are unable to come out of the predicament. It is at this stage that homoeopathic medicine can be of help. Chirpy individuals with butterflies in the stomach could be tempered down with Coffea, anxious individuals with a drive are helped with Gelsemium and Arg nit., individuals who have started undergoing stress are soothed by Ignatia and if the stress has taken over their being then Natrum mur helps. If sleep is affected Kali phos is known to be a good soporific, if nightmares predominate then Hyoscyamus relieves and if fear is the feature then Opium is good in calming them down. For individuals who bottle up emotions, Staphysagria gives them the right window. Resilience and coping mechanisms should not be underestimated, and it is important to recognise the inner resources that can be activated by homoeopathic medicines that help stressed out individuals respond to difficult situations.

Male infertility

I have been married for four years and my wife could not conceive. All her investigations are normal while my sperm count is slightly less about 34million/ml., and the motility of sperm is also less according to the report.


H omoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Sulph, Lycopodium, Staphysagria, Selenium which can help the condition. Consult a homoeopath.

Dry skin

I have always suffered from dry skin but the winter season is worse. There is itching and rawness on scratching the areas around the ankles and the back of the knees.


Certain skin condition could be affected by change in weather and get worse in cold months. More so if it is dry skin condition. Remedies like Sepia, Petroleum, alumina, Sarsaparilla will be of help to you. Consult a homoeopath.


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