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Homoeo call Early detection is vital to prevent kidney failure


Undetected chronic kidney disease is a silent-killer. It can lead to a variety of complications.

Every year, the second Thursday of March is recognised as the World Kidney Day. Kidney health has been of increasing importance as the number of cases of the gradual failure of function of the kidneys is on the rise. Well, at least 60-70 per cent of the cases of the kidney failure have been found to be due to twin diseases of metabolism i.e. diabetes and high blood pressure. It is imperative that they are held at bay for the harmonious function of this wonderful organ of the body.

Diabetes is a condition in which there is an elevated level of blood sugar in circulation, which has been known to cause increased percentage of diseases of heart and the kidneys. If it is untreated or improperly treated or there is less than desirable control of the blood sugar levels over a period of time i.e. 15-20 years it has been known to cause reduced functioning of the kidneys.

The force exerted by the flow of the blood over the walls of the vessels is known as blood pressure. If there is increase in the volume of the blood or if there is narrowing of the blood vessel there is an increase in force exerted on the walls leading to rapid degeneration. If this were to happen in the blood vessels supplying the kidney it can lead to deleterious effect on the kidney functioning and thereby kidney failure. High blood pressure can also cause a further deleterious effect on the already existing condition too.

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The bean-shaped organs in the abdomen, the kidneys filter out the waste, excreted through the urine and retain the protein, which is important to maintain the immunity of the metabolism too. Healthy kidneys also balance the chemicals in the blood and produce hormones, which control blood pressure and maintain healthy blood cells and bones. But in patients with increased blood pressure and blood sugar there is an increased likelihood of reduction of kidney functioning. The kidneys normally remove waste and excess fluid from the blood. But when they are not working well, as a result of disease or injury, waste and excess fluid can build up in the blood and makes one sick. When the symptoms do start appearing sometimes it is too late or little can be done about it. It is termed as kidney failure when about 10-15 per cent of the kidney functioning remains and it is about that time when the symptoms start appearing in the body. Person would need assistance in the form of dialysis to remove impurities from the system.

Undetected chronic kidney disease is a silent-killer. It can lead to a variety of complications including end-stage renal disease, premature death from cardiovascular disease, bone disease, anaemia etc.

A great progress has been made in controlling high blood pressure with remedies like ACE inhibitors, Angiotensin receptor blockers etc. Control of blood glucose is usually a challenge but there have been good class of medication to control them too. The proper prescription always keeps the glucose levels at normal level. These medicines go a long way in preventing kidney failure in patients with this condition.

The dictum to be followed is: keep the blood sugars and blood pressure well under control at all stages. In patients who already suffer from this condition proper administration helps see that the condition does not get worse. Control of cholesterol is also imperative in such patients and with ideal medication.

There is no way the lost functioning of the kidney can be regained but to see that the further reduction of function is slowed down if not stopped,
Avoid painkillers, high-end antibiotics, indigenous medicines whose composition is not known. Take proper medical advice.

Homoeopathic medicine has been found to be helpful. Syzygium, Gymnema, Abroma are a few remedies to allay side-effects of diabetes. Arjuna, Baryta carb, Crataegus are helpful to slow down effects of high blood pressure on the blood vessels. Eel serum, Sulphur, Calcarea carb, Boerrhavia are indicated in patients whose kidney functioning is already on the decline.

Patients with high blood pressure and blood sugar would do well to:

Have a good eating plan by reducing foods rich in salt, sugar etc. Foods, which take a while for digestion, are suggested. Reduce dietary protein intake; any physical activity for about thirty minutes every day is beneficial; control your body weight; avoid smoking; keep a watch on blood pressure and blood sugar levels roughly every four to six weeks and do not miss on blood pressure and diabetes medication; avoid use of over-the-counter medication; to check for serum creatinine, serum cholesterol and albumin levels in urine at least once a year. There are a few other more sensitive measurements - like calculated GFR - that your doctor would advise; treat urinary tract infections promptly.


Remember that the majority of the patients with early stages of kidney impairment (potentially reversible) go undiagnosed either due to oversight or ignorance. Early detection is vital to prevent kidney failure and thereby save the patient from major health/socio economic crisis.


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