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Arthritis could lead to joint deformity if neglected.

When a housewife finds that opening a jar or a doorknob is difficult, a number-crunching banker finds his fingers stiff at the cash and a teacher finds writing an arduous task, very likely it is rheumatoid arthritis.

A fine layer of synovium, rich in white blood cells, lines our joints. Sometimes our body identifies it as an invading pathogen causing an inflammation to destroy the lining. This leads to swelling of the joint and pain. Since the inflammation could get chronic or prolonged, it tends to spread along the soft tissues and there is loss of cartilage, erosion and destruction of muscles and bones.

The gradual degeneration leads to stiffness of the joint as flexing the affected ones is an excruciating job and any movement causes a crackling of the joints. Pain and stiffness are experienced worse on beginning to move after a while of inactivity though rest is no solace, as the pain continues though at a lower threshold.

Another characteristic is the shifting pain as a patient finds a new joint affected the next morning even as old one goes silent for a while. Homoeopathic treatment is pursued to relieve pain, maximise joint function and prevent destruction and deformity.

Arnica, Bryonia, Mag phos, and Formica are a few remedies to relieve the acute inflammation of the joints while Ruta, Guiacum, and Stellaria help in alleviating the stiffness as deep acting remedies like Pulsatilla, Lycopodium, Lachesis, Calcarea flour, and Calcarea phos help in slowing down the process of degeneration. All the above help in pushing the disease into remission.

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