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Hasna hain to khulke hason goes an advertisement encouraging you to buy their brand of toothpaste for the toothy smile. It is only when the gums become inflamed and irritated which are not tended to for a long time, they give way and they fail to `hold' on to the teeth causing receding gums and even loss of the tooth as the soft tissue, bones and the ligaments holding the teeth give way. This condition is also termed as periodontitis.

Gingivitis or the inflammation of the gums is the main reason why this problem develops. Plaque or tartar, which accumulates over the teeth can gradually spread along the surface and reach the gum line where there is normally a three millimeters space between the gum and the tooth. This space is occupied by the tartar as it irritates the gums to cause swollen, spongy and red gums. Over a period of time the inflammatory change leads to infection as the bacteria find it an ideal space to multiply eroding the tissues gradually spreading beneath the gum tissue. The infection can spread to the underneath bone too and if too much of bone is destroyed there is loss of one or more teeth too.

Initially there would not be any changes but as the infection progresses there could be bleeding from the gums while brushing the teeth.

If the infection is neglected, it could lead to chronic periodontitis and can lead to loss of teeth. When coupled with diseases like diabetes, the problem could be worse.

Usually accumulation of plaque and tartar are the primary causes for this gum changes. But smoking and tobacco chewing are the usual suspects as they provide a congenial environment for the bacteria to grow as the constant friction of gutka and zarda causes erosion of the gums. It is found that some individuals are prone to gum problems as well and could run in families. It could form a vicious cycle with diabetes as the patients suffering with gum disease have decreased ability to utilise insulin in the body, which makes it tougher for the blood sugar levels to be under normal limits. Vitamin C is necessary for healthy gums as it maintains the integrity of the connective tissue and calcium for the bone.

Prevention and treatment


If tartar and plaque deposition are prevented all the consequences can be done away with. Brushing teeth twice a day with soft tooth brush and rounded bristles tartar can be kept at bay. Also any routine fluoride toothpaste could be good enough to do away with tartar. If it has already formed, your dentist would get rid of it for you by scaling. Nutritional deficiencies should be corrected with help of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C like citrus fruits, berries, broccoli and spinach and for calcium in the form of milk. It is only when there is onset of infection, homoeopathic medicines would help significantly. Hepar sulf would get rid of the pockets of pus and Silicea would clear the tendency for the recurrence of infection while Merc sol rushes to aid in healing the area. Calcarea phos, Calcarea flour help in bone strength while Ac. Flour, Silicea help prevent bone loss thereby adding strength to the root of the tooth. Hekla lava also helps in improving the bone strength.


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