Chikungunya Epidemic

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The viral fever can be contained with timely treatment and help

Drying up, contorted, "that which bends up" are some of the meanings of Chikungunya. This viral fever was prevalent in some countries of Africa in the 1950s and the consequent pain of the joints and the back compelled one to bend down and hence the name.

In Chikungunya, the virus spreads from one person to the other through the Aedes aegypti mosquito while feeding on the host i.e man. This has become an epidemic of sorts in the last six to seven months. The mosquito breeds in stagnant water and unhygienic surroundings and carries the virus from the affected to the other whenever it bites. So it is imperative to clear stagnant water and maintain hygiene to prevent the multiplication of the mosquitoes to start with.

Once a mosquito carrying the virus bites a man, it remains dormant for three to 14 days (incubation period) and becomes active by causing fever. There could be a sudden rise in temperature one fine day and pain develops in one of the joints of the body.


* To start with, it is mostly myalgia or pain all over the body giving a sense of weakness to the patient.
* Pain develops initially in the smaller joints and then the larger ones.
* Swelling of the joints develops usually the lower limbs and even extremities like fingers.
* Stiffness develops compelling the patient to stay put as turning and twisting of the affected joints causes excruciating pain.
* Usually it is associated with throat irritation and pain.
* Chills, nausea and vomiting are also common.
* Three days after the fever, rash develops all over the body especially over the face and the chest.
* Bleeding underneath the skin could occur.

Fever usually comes down in three to four days but the pain and swelling in joints could persist for a few weeks or even months. It has been observed that at least 15 per cent of the affected patients continue to have the pain in the joints for about 10-20 weeks that gradually reduces in intensity.


I have excessive sweating of palms, soles and armpits, which is causing embarrassment. It is worse when there is foul odour due to sweat. Can homoeopathy help?


Silicea, Thuja, Lycopodium and Sepia are a few remedies, which help in correcting the metabolism and the foul odour. Consult a homoeopath for an appropriate medicine.

Pain during menses

My 17-year-old daughter suffers from severe pain in the abdomen and the back during the first two days of menses. In spite of the flow she does not have relief.


Actea racemosa 30c every four hours during the pain would relieve her of dysmenorrhoea.

Prickly heat

Every summer due to heat and perspiration I develop prickly heat over the back with burning pain and itching. How do I get rid of this?


Jaborandi Q, 10 drops in a cup of water at bedtime will help you.


I am 17-year-old and have the habit of masturbation. Will it affect my health? How do I get rid of the habit?


It is harmless to the body, both physically and psychologically.


It is a myth that it causes weakness and lack of concentration.


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