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A change in the lifestyle is a good option to escape Dyspepsia

Indigestion is a common expression one comes across when a person has to explain about a sensation of fullness after eating, bloated sensation and belching.

And in medical parlance it’s termed as Dyspepsia. As such the term does not mean any disease but is sometimes a sign of an underlying disease if the symptom of this particular problem tend to last for more than four weeks.

The vagaries of the modern day lifestyle whether it is the missed meal of the day, delayed food intake, inordinate intake of foods rich in spices and oil, fats, burdening of the stomach with fast-foods, ‘social-ills’ like smoking, alcohol, erratic sleep timings, lack of exercise, undue stress, etc. have all contributed to the condition of Dyspepsia.

So much so that everybody in their life comes across this situation once in a while but if it becomes a habit to indulge in the tablet advertised on the television as an antacid about once or twice a week over a period of three months, the condition needs a look in at the Physician’s office.

Patients usually complain of heaviness of stomach after eating little, a sensation of bloatedness and cannot eat more. It could be accompanied by a mild ache in the middle of the stomach.

There would be nausea in some individuals and a sort of sour water coming into the mouth after eating. Heartburn is not a usually complaint of a dyspeptic but it could happen if there is a reflux disease with regurgitation of food into the upper part of the stomach or into oesophagus much after a meal.

Such symptoms are all found in patients suffering with gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, gall bladder stones etc.

The intake of oily, greasy foods and stimulants like tea or alcohol compels the stomach wall to secrete acid more than normal amounts necessary digestion which contributes to this problem.

It would also be seen in individuals where the stomach wall is on the edge and on slightest stimulus pushes the nerve to give a command for further acid release. Management of lifestyle is very important in treatment of dyspepsia. Individuals would do well to have their food on time, avoid long breaks between meals, avoiding going to bed within an hour of a major meal, trying to get rid of undue stress etc. Needless to say since smoking and alcohol directly influence such symptoms it is imperative to break through the habits while intake of stimulants like tea and coffee should be cut down.

Since greasy foods influence the acid production of the stomach lining apart from sour foods the intake should be at a minimum. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Natrum carb, Natrum phos, Ac.sulph, which help neutralise t he excessive acid production of the stomach cells, Mag carb, Carica papaya which can relieve the sour regurgitations, Carbo veg to improve the sluggish movement of the muscular wall of the stomach so that the content s are promptly emptied after digestion and remedies like Hydrastis which can improve the “digestion”. All in all, it is goodbye to dyspepsia with homoeopathic medicine and more so if the proper cause is identified.

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Slip disc

I suffer from pain in the right hip constantly whether it is lying down, standing or walking.

I hand injury to the back several years ago but later on trying to lift a weight off the ground on one occasion I developed this pain with some of it coming down the leg too.

I underwent and MRI which revealed an “annular bulge compressing the nerves”??.

I have already gone through two weeks of bed rest without too much of a change.

Can homoeopathy help?


Obviously there is disc prolapsed in the lower spine which is causing the pain.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Mag phos, Hypericum etc. which can relieve the pain and with remedies like Calcarea flour and Ruta such problems can be dealt with.

A follow up with the doctor should relieve you of your symptoms.


Every rainy season I develop wheezing, cough etc. I get disturbed about 3 a.m with cough and have difficulty in breathing and getting back to sleep. Can homoeopathy help?


To relieve you of the symptoms to start with and see that you gain resistance over allergens which is the likely cause of asthma so that the episodes of asthma reduce in intensity and frequency over a period of time is possible with homoeopathic medicine. Kali carb, Sulphur, Carbo veg are a few remedies which should give relief to such symptoms and a follow up with a homoeopath should help you get over the intensity of problem in the long run.

Heart problem?

My 73-year-old father suffers from cough, breathlessness on walking even in the house. He has undergone all investigations and his Physician opines that it is due to increased stress on the heart and the lungs due to his long standing smoki ng habit and high blood pressure. Can homoeopathy help?


Along with the medication his high blood pressure should be controlled. Homoeopathic medicine can be used which can improve the efficiency of the heart muscles, relieve the expectoration thereby improving his level of comfort.

Convallaria majalis, Ant. Tart, Spongia, CArbo veg are a few remedies that can help in that direction. Consult a homoeopath.


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