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HOMOEO CALL Homoeopathy offers good remedies to restrict further liver damage in the event of hepatitis


Liver is an important organ of the body when it comes to maintaining the equilibrium of the metabolic functions and acting as a storehouse of energy requirements in adversity. It is vital to keep this no-nonsense organ in good humour. Nonetheless, t here is an inflammation of this organ working in close proximity of the gastrointestinal system which can affect the quality of life.

Inflammation of liver, called as hepatitis, can occur usually due to infection predominantly by viruses and promptly called as Hepatitis A, B, C, E viruses and also other bacteria. This organ can also be burdened by undue intake of alcohol even in small quantities but over a prolonged period of time which can be toxic or due to decreased blood supply to the organ. The insouciance of the immune system faltering in its own organ’s identity can ultimately destroy it. This is called autoimmune hepatitis. Uncommon though, an injury to the abdomen in the area of the liver can also trigger off the inflammation and consequently degeneration too.

The hepatitis A virus causes jaundice, which is transmitted through infected water, milk or other foods contaminated with faeces containing this virus. This is a short-lived illness while the human metabolism gets over it at the most in a matter of six months and does not cause any chronic liver disease or any other deleterious condition as such.

The hepatitis B virus is probably the most virulent and can cause inflammation and degeneration of the liver cells which is transmitted from the infected to the others through contaminated blood products, unsterilised needles containing the virus and lastly through intercourse as the body fluids of the affected contain this virus and stand a chance of transmission. This virus is capable of causing mild malaise, jaundice to chronic infection and even liver cancer and is the one more deleterious to human metabolism.

Hepatitis C virus too can cause this condition and tends to spread through infected needles and tattooing and is one of the common viruses which spreads in the hospital environs as in dialysis centres. This virus can incapacitate the liver due to constant degeneration of the active functioning liver cells and remains the highest cause of liver transplant.

A general feeling of illness, muscle-ache, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting are the usual symptoms apart from the yellow appearance of conjunctiva and whites of the eyes that make one suspect jaundice. As the disease progresses, there could be foul breath, bitter taste in the mouth, clay-coloured stools etc. when the physician doubts that it is more than a routine viral fever and orders investigations which may reveal jaundice and the liver function under stress.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to see that the innate immune capacity is better geared up during an illness so that further damage of the parenchyma of the liver is restricted and the function is retained. Needless to say, prevention is of primary importance and is achieved to a good extent by boiling water before consumption, especially during the monsoon, maintaining good hygiene in eating and while visiting toilets, and being careful about using disposable needles for injections and while avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse. To start with, Bryonia, Chelidonium, Chionanthus, Cardus mar have been known to subdue the inflammation and jaundice like symptoms while Nux vomica, Lycopodium are of use in subverting the course of illness and would be a better means of preventing cancer-like disease of the liver. Homoeopathy is also a known complementary medicine in certain circumstances.

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Anxiety can worsen a condition like irritable bowel syndrome, affecting the bowel movement wherein there is either loose motion or constipation. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Merc sol, Lyco, Arg nit, Aloe which can take care of the symptoms while also keeping the disease in an inactive phase. Consult a homoeopath.

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Ac.nit, Thuja, Medorrhinum, Borax, Kreosote are a few remedies which can control the inflammation and over a period of time prevent recurrence.
Consult a homoeopath.

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Tinnitus, as the symptom of ringing sound in the ears is termed, can be symptomatically helped to an extent with medicines like Nat.salicylic, Chin sulph etc.


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