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Proper diet and treatment can lessen the problems caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IF THE alarm clock has become obsolete today, it is due to the ubiquitous mobile buzzing off to wake you up, signalling the grind of yet another day.

When you are all set to step out for the day and that's when the abdomen rumbles and gurgles, compelling for a bowel call, chances are you could be suffering from an irritable bowel.

The large intestine is where the last part of digestion is completed and stool is formed and excreted. It is endowed with smooth muscle fibres that help in regular contractile movement.

Sometimes, the bowel reacts when there is no reflex thereby compelling stool to be passed more number of times. There could also be a lazy reaction to the reflex leading to constipation.

Symptoms : Patients with irritable bowel complain of an urge to pass stool frequently, about three times a day. The urge could be associated with urgency but sometimes, on heeding the urge they may not pass stool and a sense of incomplete evacuation could remain. The stools could be watery or not completely formed and filled with mucus on occasions.

The urge to pass stool could occur immediately after eating and there could be discomfort in the abdomen like pain, rumbling and gurgling, which are all relieved by passage of stool. Flatulence is another common symptom. Diarrhoea could alternate with constipation, compelling the patient to strain to pass stool.

Causes: Though there is no particular reason why an irritable bowel occurs, the trigger factors more often than not can be identified.

And they generally can be traced to emotional stress, food and hormones. Having foods like milk products, sweets, caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, fatty foods, sour foods, chat etc., or simply tucking into a large meal can trigger an episode.

Prevention: Avoiding undue anxiety, limiting intake of foods that irritate the bowel (specific to the person) and improving intake of fibre rich foods like apples, cabbage, carrots, peas, whole grain bread and cereals would help in reducing the number of attacks.

Treatment: Homoeopathic medicine has excellent remedies to alleviate symptoms of urgency, discomfort in abdomen, ill-formed stools etc. by making the large intestine less vulnerable to trivial triggers.

These remedies prevent further episodes too. Argentum Nit and Nux Vomica get rid of diarrhoea caused due to anxiety. The urge to pass stool after eating is helped by Aloes and Croton Tog. Ill formed stool with abdominal pain is cured by Colocynth and Mercurius.

Nasal polyps

I suffer from nasal blockage and discharge in winter due to nasal polyps. Can homoeopathy help? Sushma

Thuja 30c six pills three times a day for five days along Sambucus mother tincture, ten drops at bedtime for a fortnight should help and a follow up with a homoeopathic physician would cure you.

Gutkha use

I have been habituated to gutkha for past several years and have ulcerated patches on inside of lips and cheeks. My doctor has ruled out any cancer. Now my only problem is absolute lack of appetite.


Lack of appetite is a small price to pay for the dreaded habit and if you want to get better the only way out is to shun intake of gutkha. Also AC. Carbolic 30C three times a day for five days would

decrease the ulceration and restore your appetite.

Sore knee

I am 38-year-old, retired from active sports an year ago, have had an injury to the knees on various occasions. But now have pain, swelling and stiffness of the knees. Can homoeopathy help?


ARNICA 30 three doses a day for five days should relieve your pain to start with and Calarea Flour 3X, four tablets at bedtime for six weeks should gradually stop further progression of arthritis rapidly.

Cervical spondylosis

I developed giddiness once on turning the head and felt as if I may fall down. I also have pain in the back of the head often. X Ray of cervical spine revealed Cervical Spondylosis.



Gelsemium 30C six pills three times a day for five days will give you initial relief and a proper follow up with homoeopathic physician should cure you.

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