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Overdose of pastries and sweets can upset your stomach.


It is not that how much you drink between Christmas and new year but how much between new year and Christmas. This is the festive season and time for celebration as the chill in the air beckons one further. This is also the time when common ailments come to the fore. Alcohol overdose, anxiety and depression, excessive eating, sleep loss, injuries and headache being the common ones.

New year's eve is celebrated by one and all. Alcohol overdose is a common feature. If you have an oversensitive friend who has a predilection to fly off the handle and can get irritable, help him with a dose of Hyoscyamus 30 as the party begins and he would be in a better mood. A person who can get dull, sluggish and sleepy can be helped with a dose of Gelsemium 30. You would come across too many persons during the party complaining of nausea and what to bring it out but cannot, they need Nux vomica 30 that would prevent them further indulgence in drinks. The same remedy cures a hangover headache too. An inveterate alcoholic needs a dose of Ac.sulph 30 to prevent your night for being remembered for the wrong reasons.

Stomach problems

It is also the time for the luscious pastries and yummy sweets and a touch overdose can upset your stomach. If it just a matter of over-eating, a few doses of Nux vomica 30 are always helpful. But if one has had one too many and it leads to gastritis like symptoms with burping and burning of the stomach with overwhelming nausea, Pulsatilla 30, few doses would help. Another remedy for similar symptoms is Ipecac 30. But if the pain in the stomach is predominant due to the sweets, Argentum nitricum 30 does not disappoint your holiday season. If the indigestion extends a little downwards with bloating of abdomen and flatulence, Carbo veg 30 clears it up. If fever accompanies these symptoms of the stomach, Arsenic alb 30 helps you in a day.

Elders at home have the onerous task of holding the fort as the young due to immense opportunities are beckoned world over. The solitude for those at home during the festive season is always biting and leads to anxiety and depression. They seem to be away from the celebration around them. A dose of Ignatia 30 would be better for their spirits and if they don't seem to forget the past and continue to dwell in the same Natrum mur is a remedy of help. If the state continues into depression, Aurum met has been prescribed. For women who cannot see the joy of life around and tend to be indifferent, Sepia is rekindling. For the sensitive and gentle women who may break down at such situations, Pulsatilla is consoling.

With journeys through the night and partying late, housewives on their toes serving guests have one thing to complain about that is lack of enough sleep. Cocculus 30 taken every four hours is helpful to bring back to normalcy the weakness and nausea of the affected. The tiredness and exhaustion in the dull is helped to normalcy by Gelsemium 30 in a few doses while Coffea improves sleep if it is lacking due to the overexcitement. The aching pain of the body is improved by Arnica 30.

(All the above suggested remedies are to be taken under the supervision of a qualified homoeopath.)


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