Spur Calcaneum

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Every step you take can become painful if attention is not paid.


An acute pain in the heel when you take the first step early morning creating a sense of fear to go ahead with the next step? In all likelihood it is because of a condition called as Plantar fascitis or spur calcaneum in which the cushion like band of the heel is affected.

The heel of the foot is connected to the calf muscles from behind and stretches along into the foot with a thick band like fibrous tissue which acts as a cushion to see the shocks of each step are absorbed without transmitting to the other bony structures. The broad bone of the heel is called the calcanuem which gives the effortless landing on each step even as it is pulled from upwards with the help of ligaments again into the calf muscles. In some instances due to injury especially in athletes (long distance runners) or even ones who play sports like tennis, badminton where the ankles is always at a notice of a whisker and has to spring or bend or twist to keep the ball in play; all such movements can put a strain on the soft tissues and ligaments of the area. this undue pressure, strain and injury to the repetitive movements causes hardening of the ligaments and probably a fine tear in the fibrous tissues of the heel called as spur calcaneum where there is hardening of the soft tissue of the heel where the ligament gels into the bone or a tear in the fibrous tissues of the heel; both of which can cause pain in the heel.

If a patient has to explain the pain typically it would be worse on beginning to move in the morning or any time during the day when he has spent a while without movement and then would feel better on walking a few steps or distance. This typically is the heel pain due to both the causes.
Typically rest would help to cause relief of the pain over a period of time but may be impractical.

It would be of help to wear soft footwear with a mildly elevated portion of the heel instead of either a flat footed or high heeled footwear. It would also make sense to see that there is a soft heel worn in the shoe which would also help. Cold applications are known to relieve pain for a while especially after a period of physical activity.

Homoeopathy has good remedies to see that the hurt of the soft tissues is relaxed and the patient can go about with his function of walking, jogging or playing a sport without any discomfort. Typically Rhus tox helps when one has relief on moving for a while and Bryonia when there is no relief even after walking for a while. Arnica and Ruta help when the injury is the cause while Symphytum helps when the calcaneum bone is involved. Calc flour and Calc phos also help when the architecture of the bone and tissues needs repair after a bout of inflammation and pain.

For the spring in the step to be back after a debilitating pain in the heel, homoeopathic medicine has the right remedies.

Multiple sclerosis

I have suffered a bout of multiple sclerosis and have numbness in the legs and pain on walking.

Abc Multiple sclerosis is a condition that has a tendency to recur in which there is a loss of sheath of protective layer over a period of nerves either in the brain or spinal cord. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Plum. met, Physostigma and Sulph help.

Consult a homoeopath.

Blood in sputum

Of late I have been suffering with cough and sometimes blood in the sputum in the morning. What would help?


Abc It needs to be ascertained whether the cause of blood in the sputum is because of the nasal lining erosion, throat problem or any infection to do with the lungs before medication can be sought for. Undergo investigations under the guidance of a homoeopath for the same.


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