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At least seven hours of sleep is essential to keep our metabolism at its agile best during daytime.

Roti, kapda aur makaan had been the call of every politician to woo people to elect them to power. About three decades hence and into the 21st century our country is poised to a stage where there is surplus as far as food grains is concerned and clothing is affordable to common man. Alas, the fast paced life of civilization today doesn't afford time to eat or definitely do not partake the right mixture for a proper nutrition. For a better quality of life there can be a few steps taken but unfortunately the way life is lived today it is the other way round. Inadequate diet, lack of proper sleep and complete neglect of ignorance have been the main problems precipitating many a problem we face today.

Eat like a king for breakfast has been the norm but neither the kids who are in a rush to make it to the school bus nor the adults who have to log on at work find this first meal of the day in their agenda. It is a fact that most of the breakfast menu does not contain fats and would afford more of the minerals and vitamins it is and ideal food. It would keep off the hunger pangs till lunchtime while enhancing alertness, attention and performance at study or at work. It is also a mistake to take it as a part of "weight-loss" programme as such people are more prone to be found at the coffee or tea vending machines at office which would contain sugar and naturally would not help. Needless to say they tend to over eat at lunch. It is also a known fact that people who tend to partake large meals put a pressure on the pancreas to produce insulin in increased amounts to balance the sugar levels and this insistence on the gland over prolonged periods of time can cause diabetes. If the time to eat breakfast is a constraint children can utilise the "short-break" at school and the workforce can take a few minutes off just before their work schedule.

At least seven hours of sleep is essential to keep our metabolism at its agile best during daytime. Insufficient sleep is bound to negatively affect memory, learning and logical reasoning and hurt the children at their pursuits. Adults are more cranky and tired, which would affect their mental and emotional well-being. Unfortunately the idiot box seems to command most of the time and is leading to sleep deprivation. That time would be better spent in slumber for a more productive the subsequent day. Physical exercise gives a lot of benefits such as weight control, keeping at bay diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, heart disease has the propensity to maintain the health of muscles, bones and joints. Such people are found to respond to stress better and are in good energy and mood most of the time. In spite of long term known benefits of exercise people find themselves lazy to take up any activity.

Apart from the day-to-day life there are certain elements which come in the way of individuals unable to do the above said. It is then homeopathic medicine would help. People complain of lack of appetite and Hydrastis corrects it while heaviness and distension on eating little is improved by Kali bich. People with a tendency to stimulants who tend to miss a healthy breakfast are put on track by Antim crud. If people cannot find the calmness of mind to sleep it will be provided by Kali phos and slightest sounds disturb their sleep it will be corrected by Theridion. Emotional and brooding people who find forty winks difficult to come by find solace with Aurum met. Having known the health benefits of exercise one needs to push them towards it. Well then, there's no remedy for laziness.


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