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When the mind becomes obsessed with an irrational routine, you need to explore therapeutic possibilities .


If one suffers from a fear of shaking hands due to contamination, has the habit of checking if the doors are locked more often it does sound usual but then if these activities seem to occupy one’s time and impinge on the duties to be done and a s such affecting the quality of life it is time to consider a consultation as it likely could be and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder commonly termed as OCD.

If an idea or a thought occurs repeatedly and the images tend to persist and the mind goes to it involuntarily even as one realises that it is senseless it is called an obsession. If a person’s concentration needs to be in a different direction these thoughts seem to come in the way more often than usual. Usually the obsessions people suffer are with touching things which have been in contact with others, shaking hands which seems to them that have been contaminated. Some suffer from an overwhelming desire to keep things in order and their place, symmetry that any change from the routine is intolerable and stressful. Not unusual is the obsession of fright, fear and anxiety too as their minds seem to wander on to horrific, aggressive events, which have never happened but the psyche never forgets to dwell over the imaginary events time and again. Getting hurt in the event or hurting others unintentionally are the usual course of events. Last but not the least obsession is of sexual images which they cannot get over with.

The repetitive behaviour born out of an irrational compulsion compounds the stress as it is a vicious cycle. People who underline hygiene as the problem keep washing and cleaning, repeatedly checking their doubts like the doors are locked or not, counting steps while walking, demanding reassurances from kith and kin around and constantly arranging things at home or office. Housewives tend to check whether they have put off the stove often, check doors if they are locked and wash hands so much that they may become raw.

Though the reasons for this problem is not certain it is very likely that if one in the family is affected, there is a greater likelihood of other sufferers in the same family though the disorder is not genetic. People who have been under stress or depression for a long time are more prone to such a condition.

Apart from life being unpleasant and unhappy, the routine work and activities of day to day life are affected taking a toll on social relationships. A psychiatrist will be of help in modifying with help of cognitive therapy in retraining thought patterns and routines so that compulsive behaviour comes down. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies for such a condition. If a mild and brooding personality unable to express her feelings and tends to get into such a predicament, Pulsatilla helps if it is because of a past event and the burden shows this way, Staphysagria cures. The restlessness is the most expressive symptom and the stress of compulsion is unbearable then Ars. Alb is known to help. If horrifying thoughts and aggressive behaviour cripple the social life of the person and people around, Hyoscyamus balances it. If it has more to do with the sexual obsessions, Veratram album restores the balance. Argentum nitricum helps patients when anxiety is the overwhelming symptom. With psychotherapy, homoeopathic medicines put such a patient on the road to recovery.

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Lung infection

I have been suffering from frequent bouts of cough. Now cough is not that bad but every now and then there is lot of phlegm. There is also breathlessness on walking a small distance. Can homoeopathy help?


Bronchiectasis is a condition in which there is cough with profuse phlegm due to accumulation of mucus which gets secondarily infected in the lungs leading to breathlessness. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Kali bich, Antim tart, Hepar s ulh, Puls. Which can take care of such a condition. Consult a Homeopath.

Hip pain

I underwent a forceps delivery about three years ago and ever since feel that there is pain in the hips which makes lying on that side utterly painful. My gynecologist said in very rare cases if there is an infection during delivery it could happen.


Any such pain in the hips can be relieved symptomatically with remedies like Hypericum, Cimcifuga etc. Consult a homoeopath.

Tonsils and adenoids

My 11-year-old daughter’s nose gets blocked and she snores. She seems to develop throat pain and cough often. It was diagnosed to be due to tonsillitis and adenoids. Do suggest a remedy.


Any hypertrophy of glands of adenoids seems to come in the way of normal breathing causing nasal blocking and snoring. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Baryta carb, Kali bich, Thuja which can help in such a condition. C onsult a homoeopath.


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