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Homeoe call The blisters that can isolate you, spoil your social life but without leaving a mark

It is quite common to have a fever blisters that take time to heal and are painful apart from disturbing one’s social life. But if painful blisters seem to recur on and off without any trigger it would help if there is a safe and simple remedy for the same.

Fever blisters as they are commonly termed are due to herpes simplex viruses and can be of two types. Usually these occur around the mouth, lips and nostrils and never inside the mouth. They are often confused with canker sores or apthous that occur inside the mouth. There is a tingling and itching sensation at the site with the formation of tiny, painful bubbles like blisters and they merge to form a sore which stays raw and oozes thereby causing pain. Not surprisingly, there is a swelling of nodes under the jaw to contain the outbreak and flu like symptoms like fever and bodyache are common.

The site of the blister is nothing than the site of entry of the virus. The sore crusts over and heals but does not leave a scar.

Even as the sore appears to have healed, the virus hibernates in the nerve cell and is out of the cognizance of the immune system till it strikes an opportune time travelling along the sheath of the nerve and causing another outbreak.

The virus uses the nerve cell as a cloning factory to replicate millions of viruses causing the blister and the sore which oozes is the source of infection within the body and spread by touch to other areas and to others. Individuals under treatment for certain diseases which can suppress the immune system are more prone to these sores.

People suffering with cold sores should wash their hands often and refrain from sharing eating utensils with others. Cold compresses can help certain people and can be applied.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to see that to start with there is symptomatic remedies like Merc. Sol, Ranunculus, hepar sulph and Silicea.

To see that the duration of healing is not longer and the frequency of attacks come down remedies like Natrum mur, Natrum sulph and Psorinum are found to fulfil the task. To get rid of the stubborn cold sores, homoeopathy is the best bet.


I am 67-year-old and a diabetic. Though the levels have always been under control for the past one year there have been complications. I have been diagnosed with second stage of chronic kidney disease and also there is bleeding in the eye.


To see that there is no further degeneration is the need of the hour in your case, apart from arresting the retinal haemorrhage.

Since you have undergone laser surgery, remedies like Crotalus horridus, Bothrops, Arnica should be of help. Consult a homoeopath.


My mother is 63-year-old and has urgency urination during the daytime and her sleep is disturbed on three to four occasions. There is difficulty in controlling even as she reaches the toilet.


Incontinence of urine as it is called could be due to conditions like repeated urinary tract infections causing thickness of bladder wall, uterine prolapse.

Once a proper cause is ascertained, Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Causticum, Sepia which can control the condition. Consult a homoeopath.

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