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The human digestive mechanism is a wonderful instrument to churn out the nutrients from the food imbibed. There are various processes going on along the way and one of them to digest the fats is a secretion of the bile juice produced by the liver cel ls. This enzyme is on call whenever there is a fat food ingested and promptly there is a contraction of the gall bladder filled with the bile juice which is secreted into the duodenum or the second part of the stomach for proper digestion.

The reservoir of bile juice that is the gall bladder is the storehouse of the bile passing through from the liver and whenever there is an inflow of fatty foods into the duodenum there is an SOS sent to release the juice. All is well till the flow of the juice is proper. But in conditions where there is a limited contraction of the gall bladder or the juice remains in it for longer periods of time or in some cases of increased cholesterol levels there is a likely formation of stones in the gall bladder. The problem can arise when during one of these contractions of the gall bladder these fine calculi can block the duct which opens into the stomach causing excruciating pain, jaundice and needs a surgeon’s attention to it. The other likely problem is that the stones can irritate the inner lining and cause an inflammation and thickening of the wall of the gall bladder. This condition is called as Cholecystitis.

Recurrent episodes of heartburn, pain in the pit of the stomach, pain in the lower angle of the right side of the chest extending to the angle of the scapula and the pain tending to occur after eating are the few symptoms of Cholecystitis. Intake of fatty food seems to trigger such a problem too. This infection can spread to the other important organs like the pancreas around and needs to be addressed imminently. It is also a condition likely to occur in individuals who suffer from gastritis, duodenitis and infection of the pancreas too.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to address the condition. To start with individuals who are prone to conditions of reflux, inflammation of the layer of the stomach and upper gastro intestinal diseases need to get their food habits right and limit intake of fats and alcohol which could act as triggers. Regular food habits and avoiding heavy meal would help too. To get rid of the colic, Berb vulg and Bryonia would help. To improve the flow of the bile, Chelidonium and Cardus mar are useful. To prevent recurrent episodes of cholecystitis, Lycopodium, Calc carb, Nux vom have been of trusted value.


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