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Ear infections, if untreated, can affect the respiratory tract.

The tympanic membrane is the receptive part of the ear which trembles at any acoustics and transfers it to the three small bones in the ear and through them to the auditory nerve for us to enjoy the pleasure of hearing.

These pleasant changes could sometimes be interrupted due to some accumulation of fluid in the middle ear and also a thin, watery or thick, cream-coloured discharge from the ear due to an ear infection called otitis media.

The onset of winter is an ideal time for the bacteria to spread and cause respiratory tract infections. Nasal catarrh with sneezing and nasal discharge, with mucus sometimes falling from the nose into the throat, causes inflammation in the middle ear and thereby discharge collects there.
Common symptoms

Children who are prone to tonsillitis and adenoiditis also suffer from this condition when, due to obstruction, the ear does not equalise the air pressure within the body and the environment.

This infection is staved off by the body or with help of medication but if the immunity is low or one is prone to recurrent upper respiratory tract infections the bacteria and viruses find an ideal place to survive in the ear canal and leads to chronic suppurating otitis media or chronic discharge of pus and blood from the ear gradually leading to erosive changes in the bones of the ear and later into surrounding structures which is detrimental.

Pain is a symptom that is primary in acute infections but if it becomes chronic it is only the discharge of pus and sometimes streaked with blood. If left uncontrolled there is reduction in the hearing capacity and later other symptoms involving the nerve like facial palsy, vertigo or giddiness etc.

It is under these circumstances that homoeopathic medicines act in relieving the earache typical of infection with remedies like Chamomilla. The discharge is cleared with help of remedies like Hepar Sulph, Silicea and the healing is undertaken by Mercurius, Ac.flour, Pulsatilla etc.

The thin transparent effusion in the inner ear and inflammatory changes are cleared by Kali Mur, Natrum Sulph, Baryta Carb, Calc Carb. Thuja prevent recurrent infections of the tonsils and adenoids and remedies like Psorinum help prevent recurrence by improving immunity of upper respiratory tract to allergens.


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