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The neglected symptom of difficulty in breathing is the origin of respiratory system itself.


Sense of difficulty in breathing, oppression of the chest, heaviness while breathing, unable to take a deep breath, desire to take a deep breath are a few ways one would explain about shortness of breath or breathlessness. It can occur due to various reasons that could be either of short term or a chronic course. It could be an indicator of an underlying illness and knowing a few symptoms could help one to seek medical help.

Shortness of breath is usually associated with an affliction of the lungs. In conditions like bronchial asthma there is a need to breathe more and often as there is difficulty and compels one to sit up for relief. If it is a condition like bronchitis where the inflammation is predominant patients complain of cough predominantly which is rasping, continuous and Asometimes with phlegm in the later stages. Both these conditions could be aggravated due to allergy to certain innocuous substances in the environment and the food one takes. If the expectoration contains a streak of blood and happens once too often it could indicate an infection of the lung tissue by pathogens of tuberculosis or other bacteria. If the fever is predominant and gives no inkling of coming down, a more severe infection like pneumonia is suspected. Not too rare is a condition like an effusion wherein the lung walls get filled with fluid as a compensatory reaction during infection called pleural effusion. If one tends to complain of breathlessness on slightest exertion, walking, climbing the stairs or even deep laughing one could be suffering from a condition called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but that happens usually in elderly and have been exposed to dust, cement soot, factory pollution like asbestos and invariably in smokers wherein the capacity of the lungs to exchange oxygen is impaired severely. If there is a sort of oppression in the chest, heaviness of the chest, palpitation it can indicate an ailment of the heart wherein the insufficient circulation to heart muscles compels to respond in this manner. But usually this could be associated with pain in the chest or the back and radiating into the left upper limb. For one who has suffered a heart ailment or one who is suffering from condition like high blood pressure or high lipid levels in the circulation is always prone to conditions of the cardiac origin as the chambers of heart are under duress and tend to enlarge and would do well to be investigated and be under proper medical advice.

Probably the neglected symptom of difficulty in breathing is the origin of respiratory system itself i.e the nose as conditions like allergy of the nasal mucosa, sinusitis, inflammation of walls of the cavity etc. can all lead to nasal blocking and difficulty in breathing.

The other common reason nowadays noticed in people with shortness of breath is related to stomach in the sense that there is a regurgitation of the enzymes produced by the gastric lining back into the oesophagus causing heartburn and oppression of breathing.

Last but not the least is the stress factor wherein acute anxiety episodes, depression etc., one feels a desire to take a deep breath resulting in sighing.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to treat “shortness of breath” in the sense that once the cause of the problem is ascertained the remedy is at task. Amm carb, Kali bich, Sticta are a few remedies working on the nasal mucosa in relieving the nasal blockage due to allergy, sinusitis etc. If it is the lung tissue which is the seat of allergy remedies such as Ars alb, Calcarea carb, Sulphur, Blatta put one on a road to recovery.

Inflammation of bronchial lining is subdued by remedies like Hepar sulph, Ipecac, Cuprum. Cardiac ailments when ascertained are treated with remedies like Convallaria, Adonis, Lycopus. Gastric mucosa playing a role in breathing is remedied by Natrum carb, Mag carb. Stress playing a role is treated with Ignatia. Probably Carbo veg is the remedy which gives relief to shortness of breathing occurring due to most of the conditions. Needless to say all the remedies are used when indicated under medical advice.


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