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It is an oft repeated complaint in the lifestyles of the world today. Pain at rectum while passing stool and bleeding at stool which usually represent a condition of the rectum or the last part of the gastrointestinal system that is the rectum.

Just as the whole body is supplied by blood vessels so too is the rectum and there are some veins or blood vessels that carry the blood back for purifications and seem to come in the way of a hard stool or a patient suffering with constipation or long standing loose bowel problems that there is a stress on the area causing breaking of these blood vessels and causing the condition called as haemorrhoids. The predominant symptom of the condition is nothing but a problem of bleeding at stool which appears as a lining of blood along the stool or is passed in drops at the end of the stool. Other significant symptom of this condition is the pain which usually lasts while the patient is passing stool and in some cases pain that lasts for a little while later too. Itching of the rectum is another common symptoms complained by patients suffering with this problem. They do also feel a swelling at the anus which seems to protrude, bulge and get worse after passage of stool. The usual causes of this problem are constipation, loose movements of the bowels on more number of occasions; pregnancy, ageing and any other ailment which worsens the pressure in the abdomen for long periods of time. Ofcourse a small investigation called as the sigmoidoscopy will help in seeing if there are any bleeding vessels protruding into the rectum or if there is any other problem of the gastrointestinal system that is the cause for the bleeding. Fissure is another problem that can cause such symptoms but that usually leads to more intense pain that could last for hours after stool. Fistula is another complaint related to the rectum but in such occasions there is oozing of pus from the area while the abscess gains access into the rectum.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Aesculus, Paeonia, Collinsonia, Hamamellis etc. which help in relieving the pain, discomfort and bleeding that result because of haemorrhoids. While relieving the constipation is the need of the hour so as to see that this problem does not recur again. Keeping the stool soft is necessary and to clear the bowels when the urge is there; is more important. Eating fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables and grains while drinking atleast six to eight glasses of water is important to keep constipation at bay.



I have been suffering with a bleeding problem; every once in a while I develops this for past two years; menstrual bleeding lasts for eight to ten days and is heavy with clots. I am waiting for menopause even though I am only 41-year-old. Abc.

A: Sometimes there are fine nodules in the layers of the uterine wall and since they are supplied by blood vessels during the menstrual cycle; the contraction of the layer causes increased bleeding. Homoeopathic medicines have good remedies like Belladonna, Calc carb, Phos, Millefolium etc. which can not only control bleeding but also see that the recurrence is more often than not curtailed. Consult a Homoeopath.


Does Homoeopathic medicine have a remedy for autism? – Raj.

A: Autism is a condition indentified before the age of three years usually when the child has problem in development of communication skills and social interaction. It is usually associated with symptoms of repetitive behavior too. Homoeopathic medicine has remedies to give some symptomatic relief to these and improve certain social and cognitive skills by conditioning etc. Consult a Homoeopath.


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