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A healthy lifestyle and a good dosage of calcium is essential for a good life.


Human body's rigidity is solely dependent on the skeleton and the bones that form the integral part of this frame. It is when the bones lose their density that the body become fragile leading to many inveterate problems. That condition of the bone losing its sheen is called as osteoporosis.
Normal bone is composed of protein, collagen and calcium but it is when calcium seems to erode off the fabric of the bone that osteoporosis sets in. As the fragility increases there are higher chances of fracture. The commonest problem due to the condition is arthritis wherein the degeneration of the bone seems to impinge on the articular surfaces of the joints leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness of the affected joints. The joints usually affected are the knees, hips, ankles and also the wrists apart from the hips and spine.

Vulnerable areas

These are also vulnerable areas for bone fracture. Osteoporosis can set in and progress for a number of years before any symptoms can be detected. Calcium is absorbed by the body during the first 35 years of life.

Osteoporosis is a huge social issue because about 35 per cent of our population lacks awareness of this condition. Women are more prone to this condition as the demands on calcium in them are more and more so in women who suffer with insufficiency of oestrogen hormone. If there has been a family history of this condition the progeny are more prone. Individuals with a thin and small body frame are more likely to suffer from this condition. Smoking and alcohol consumption drains away more calcium from the bones. Generally poor nutrition and more significantly insufficient intake of calcium worsens the condition. In victims of malabsorption, where there is improper absorption in the large intestines, this can is the consequence.

There are also conditions like hyperthyroidism wherein calcium is drained away from the bones and chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis also worsen the issue. Lack of enough Vitamin D which acts as an adjuvant to retain the texture of the bones when deficient can precipitate the same issue. Long term medications like chemotherapy are another cause too.

Improving the intake of calcium in day-to-day diet is the first step towards addressing the problem even as time is devoted to exercise and as avoiding alcohol and smoking would be high on the agenda to reduce the risk. It is only after enough care is taken in that direction the question of medication comes along. Arnica, Ruta reduce the risk of breaks and fracture even as they increase the bone density. Calcarea flour, Calcarea phos and Symphytum help in new bone to grow. Hekla lava is another remedy which can increase the bone density. Other remedies like Calc carb, Lycopodium etc. prevent osteoporosis.


For a seemingly simple issue like osteoporosis which can cause complex problems, homoeopathic medicine is a good option.


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