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Alcohol may give pleasure at the time of consumption, but its effect on every part of the body is dangerous.

The oft-repeated query at the doctor’s clinic pleads him to say in the affirmative about the “good effects” of alcohol when taken in moderation. If one has nausea and an overwhelming response to throw up after downing a few pegs or if one’s spirits refuse to wake up due to a hangover of the previous night, the human body does gives enough clues as to how pleasant it is for it. But still if one is keen on its intake it is good to know further as this month is marked for spreading awareness about alcohol’s deleterious impact on health.

Alcohol is a mood altering depressant drug. There is no cell of the body which is not affected by it and thereby every organ can get under its influence right from the skin to the reproductive system. To start with if one is keen about their appearance, alcohol is not the one for them as this “drug” is known to promote ageing. Hair tends to get dry, lips are cracked very often, acne are more common, the glassy appearance of the eyes is not appealing, skin becomes more dry and puffy and the overall look is not a bright endeavour to behold in the social circles.

The effect of alcohol on the brain is profound. As it reaches the outer brain it causes a sense of pleasure or euphoria gradually insisting on one to let their guard down and with it the inhibitions, resulting in distortion of judgment. On further intake it reaches the inner brain or the cerebellum compelling one to have disturbances in coordination and perception with blackout of memory on some occasions. Alcohol tends to cause loss of water and glucose from the affected cells thereby robbing the brain cells of nutrition leading to hangover the next morrow. The lack of sufficient nutrition over a period of time is bound to cause depression.

The stomach lining is irritated by alcohol insisting on the cells to produce more acid which only furthers the corrosive action leading to formation of ulcers. The increased incidence of cancer of mouth, oesophagus, stomach and intestines is seen in person with a habit for alcohol. The liver is kept busy breaking down the spirits imbibed unnecessarily, while its main function of breakdown of fats is delayed causing fatty infiltration of liver and gradually degeneration called as cirrhosis which is irreversible. There is pressure on the kidney cells to lose more water under the influence of alcohol and dehydration is on the anvil and that hangover which almost always reminds one of the previous evening.

It acts on the reproductive system causing an increased sexual desire but a decreased performance. The effect on the unborn child in the mother’s womb is drastic.

One way of getting sick more often is to take alcohol on a regular basis as it is known to cause a depression of the immune system too and persons under its influence are more prone to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke.

If one is more prone to injuries, accidents, unsafe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, fights, arguments, problems in relationships, getting into trouble with the law due to a certain potion it is better avoided even in moderate amounts as all the above problems can be caused due to errors of judgement and coordination.

Homoeopathic medicine can help one with alcohol habit in many ways. To start with getting over with a hangover with medicines like Nux vomica, Gelsemium and Ranunculus bulb would be much easier. Errors of perception and judgment to a certain extent are helped by Opium and Can. Indica. To soothe the stomach layer to normalcy due to constant abuse, Lycopodium is helpful while to prevent further degenerative changes in the liver, Chelidonium is useful. But all the restorative actions would happen only if the influence of alcohol has ceased while the craving for liquor and cessation effects are handled with remedies like Ac. Sulph, Quercus and Sterculia.

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