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When the light is too bright, people can have trouble.


Our skin is a wonderful organ in the sense that it can ward off many an environmental influence to affect our body including the pathogens. It maintains the equilibrium so as to keep the internal mechanism working without any hiccups. Heat of the su n and the light rays including ultraviolet rays can be deleterious for the harmony of the body and the skin has an innate capacity to shield our body from this too but in many a case it can falter to cause sunburn.

Photosensitivity is a condition in which the skin turns sensitive to exposure of light predominantly the sun. This condition can also occur if one is more susceptibile to light and it is also common in individuals who are just exposed to flouroscent lamps too. It won’t be a surprise as individuals find themselves affected even during winter if they are exposed to the sun and not just in summer. The usual suspect for this condition is almost always the ultraviolet rays. In sensitive subjects on slightest exposure to the sun even for a period of about ten minutes there appears a red, itchy, discolored patch of rash like hives on the exposed parts of the skin. This could last for a few hours and subside by itself or over a period of time it could just remain. Occasionally such people do feel dizzy and nauseated if the area of exposure to sun over the body is high.

This condition has been known to occur in individuals when they have been exposed to some chemicals and in turn become more prone and are increasingly sensitive to light. Even a harmless perfume or an after shave can trigger it. There are fine bumps or patches of affected skin and one goes out in the skin the areas turn more prominent. It is also a known fact that if one is under treatment with certain drugs they are more prone to this allergic response on their skin.

People suffering from dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, scleroderma etc. are at a higher risk of developing this allergy. Persons suffering from genetic diseases where there is predominant dryness of the skin find themselves being affected by the sun too.

To keep the sun at bay is primary and clothing which covers the forearms, nape of neck, long sleeved shirts, high collars and wide brimmed hats is necessary. Sunlight cannot be shut away and the ideal way is to see that the body’s response to it is corrected and homoeopathic medicine has excellent remedies. If there is a burning sensation with blisters like formation as a response, Cantharis soothes it. If one is prone to sunburn and dark discoloration takes its place, Antim crud corrects it. When itching is predominant Sulph cures it.

Natrum mur, Natrum carb, Secale cor a few remedies which help in reducing the susceptibility of the body to sunlight and keep the recurrence away.


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