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Mentally active people fall ill less often

Age well Old age can be a time of happiness too

No one gets out of this world alive but it would make sense to remain healthy and happy as long as one remains here. Just as the clock ticks away into another year it also rings up the age of each individual. Medicine has grown in leaps and bounds in the past several years and has enriched the longevity of life which brings along many degenerative diseases and the anxiety of every aged individual is that they do not want to be sick, miserable or a burden to others. There are many diseases which do not sound a warning but it would be a surprise that very many can be predictable and if one can follow a few things ageing need not necessarily be a bane.

The common diseases which can be a stumbling block in old age would be related to the cardiovascular system (or the heart), ailments arising due to degeneration of the bones, related to weakened impulses of the nervous system and the brain like dementia, depression and the sometimes unexpected cancers. High blood pressure, increased lipid levels in the blood are the usual symptoms of gradual changes in lining of the wall of the blood vessels which lead to heart diseases and stroke.

Diabetes acts as a double edged sword and increases the risk of such diseases. Sedentary lives and increased exposure to stimulants like tea, coffee and alcohol apart from smoking predispose one to various degenerative diseases of the nervous system and also cancer. An exercise for a period of about twenty five minutes everyday, eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables with meals taken in small quantities more times a day, are a time-tested method of keeping illnesses at bay.

Following the labels mentioning that the substances in those packages are injurious to health would be an advice well followed (like the disclaimer on cigarette packets).

Certain amount of stress is essential to spur on an individual to achieve his goals but it is also a known fact that prolonged stress can set in undesirable changes in physical and mental health. One would do better to attempt balancing life by modifying activities and time accordingly. It is a matter of how one deals with stress that determines health.

As such, man is a complex biological, psychological and social ‘animal’. The needs are not just physical, biochemical and nutritional but extend to social and spiritual. One needs a good relationship with family, friends and peers to achieve this state of health and more so in ageing individuals where it has been found that people with social connections have stronger disease-fighting mechanisms. This has been the strength of our country too wherein the ageing are in the company of family unlike in other developed countries where the phases of depression and usage of tranquilizers is more common. Mentally active individuals do not fall prey to diseases and it would be helpful if the ageing can participate in activities to keep themselves occupied and keep their self esteem high.

Homeopathic medicine does its bit too towards a healthy longevity with the help of medicines like Baryta carb, Arjuna, Calc carb and keeps the degeneration of blood vessels at bay. Remedies like Arni Syzyigum, Gymnema keep Diabetes from turning into an unmitigated chain of events, while Calc phos and Ruta prevent further degeneration of bones. Gingko biloba and Alumina keep away the retarding of nervous system, while Ignatia and Natrum mur turn away sadness.


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