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Motion sickness can force a person to give up travelling.

It is summer again and time for a retreat to the cooler climes to beat the heat and escape the heat. All is well until you board the bus or settle in the car for travel when you are reminded of motion sickness as the nausea starts to build up.

Our body's sense of balance and equilibrium is maintained by four factors that feed the nervous system.

The eyes focus on the environs to convey the visual impulses during movement and the inner ear with the fluid sloshing against its walls tells the brain about our forwards-backwards, side-to-side and up-and down-motions. The skin with the pressure receptors conveys which part of the body is touching the ground while the muscle and joints reveal which part of the body is mobile.

While travelling in a car or a bus too the ears, skin receptors and the joints convey the sense of motion but the eyes do not as the visual surroundings are the same and these conflicting signals leads to confusion of the mind.

This situation is called motion sickness. Similar changes occur as one travels in an aeroplane due to turbulence.

Common symptoms

It leads to dizziness or confusion, vertigo or a sensation of the surroundings going round, nausea and sometimes vomiting too. Though all the symptoms sound trivial, the impact it has can surmise one to give up a travel during vacation etc.

While travelling, it is better to sit at the window and observe the `motion' with the eyes preferably by focusing on distant objects. Reading while movement and eating oily, spicy and odorous food before embarking on the journey make the sickness worse and are better avoided.

Homoeopathy has good remedies like Cocculus which when taken before the journey would prevent such episodes. If the sickness is associated with nausea, Tabacum, Theridion would help and if vomiting is predominant Nux vomica is indicated.


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