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For those suffering from COPD, it’s tough to breathe easy. The progressive condition calls for immediate care.

Any person who gradually growing symptoms such as shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing and cough followed by expectoration of a thin mucus is very likely to be suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The lungs are like the inverted branches of a tree which help us breathe through terminals called alveoli, wherein the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place.

In individuals suffering with conditions like bronchitis, exchange is affected. In conditions like asthma, the alveoli can relax again and exchange improves. But in conditions like COPD, the elasticity of the alveoli is lost and as this remains over a period of time with further progression of the disease. The moot point here is that this condition is predominant in people who smoke and those constantly exposed to dust, irritants in atmospheric pollutions and chemical industries. Passive smokers too pay the price for remaining in the company of smokers. This condition can also be genetic due to deficiency of a chemical called as alpha 1 anti trypsin. All these can cause irritation and inflammation of the alveoli and result in the lack of proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This is just the beginning of the problem; as days go by, there is accumulation of mucus in bronchial airways which later hinder normal respiration.

The breathlessness that this condition causes can affect the basic activities like walking, cooking or even taking care of oneself. As the disease progresses, breathlessness becomes worse and normal functions have to be curtailed. There is loss of weight too. The heart needs to work at a further force causing impairment of cardiac function. Occasionally there is blood in the sputum which indicates that probably the heart is affected too.

A few investigations like complete blood picture, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, a chest X ray and a test called as spirometry are done. To start with, quitting smoking is essential. If the disease is due to other reasons, they need to be addressed.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies which can help in better exchange of gases like Carbo veg, Ipecac and Amm carb. if there is accumulation of mucus, remedies like Aralia racemosa, Hepar sulph, Silicea and Antim tart have been known to help symptomatically. To slow down the progression of the disease, there are other remedies like Calc carb, Silicea, Kali carb and Natrum sulph.

Ligament injury

I had an injury to the right ankle about eight months ago and was diagnosed to be due to ligament injury and was advised to immobilize the joint for about two weeks. Pain did reduce significantly but ever since whenever there is exertion like climbing or going down the stairs there is swelling and pain which is disturbing.

Aarti A ligament is the “rope-like” tissue which binds the bones together and gives the necessary mobility. But this area is not supplied with as much circulation as other areas of the body which would not allow to heal as fast as a bone for example. Homoeopathic medicines like Ruta, Symphytum, Calc flour are a few remedies which can help heal faster. Consult a Homoeopath.

Joint pains after Chikungunya

It is about six weeks now that I had fever with chills and ever since still have pain in the joints of the body which has hurt my confidence more than anything as I used to play cricket.

Rupesh Sometimes even as our body gears up to tackle a virus with antibodies, it can affect our joints causing pain, swelling and stiffness similar to certain types of arthritis. The suddenness and the acute pain is definitely disturbing. Homoeopathic medicines like Arnica, Rhus tox, Guiacum etc. can be prescribed by your Homoeopath after corroborating your symptoms.


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