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Dengue is a flu-like illness that can appear with fever and severe body pain that it is also nicknamed break-bone fever.

The medical fraternity sometimes gets so occupied with myriads of illnesses of the human body that the neglected public health can add to the woes by causing infectious diseases such as dengue.

Dengue is a flu-like illness that can appear with fever and severe body pain that it is also nicknamed break-bone fever. The fever starts suddenly and rises even upto 105 degress F in some cases and is associated with headache, pain behind the eyes and sometimes nausea and vomiting. It does resolve sometimes belatedly in about seven days but the complications of `Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever' is the worrisome feature.

There is a depletion of the fluids in the body also affecting the blood volume and causing reduction in the platelets that are helpful for us for clotting of blood. Since the count goes low there could be loss of blood on slightest injury or internally the blood vessels could collapse and lead the patient into a state of shock. This complication could occur in about 5 per cent of those affected with dengue and that is a cause for concern. Weak and rapid pulse with lowered blood pressure take over. Bleeding from the nose, gums and underlying skin causing rash are common.

All the factors have been so conducive that the disease has become endemic (always present in the population) in certain parts of the country. A person who has been infected is prone to it again and it has been observed that the second time the infection strikes the complications are common. So is the reason why in our capital which has been suffering from this infection on and off since 10 years, the same population is being affected and thereby the chances of increased complications like Dengue haemorrhagic fever on this occasion.

Dengue is caused by a group of flavivirus that are usually of four types and are transmitted from an infected person to the normal person through the bite of Aedes aegypti, the daytime biting mosquito. Not long ago it had taken various parts of our country by a storm by transmitting the chikungunya virus. Just as it looks like the affected are limping back to normality after the viral arthritis comes the second blow from the same mosquito. A developing country like ours where the sanitation at certain vulnerable areas of habitation is not necessarily at its best and a tropical terrain of the world that we are in which aids the survival of the mosquitoes have been the factors which have been the reason for repeated failures to exterminate them from our sphere for more than five decades. These mosquitoes rest indoors in closets and outside in cool-shaded places and multiply where there is collection of water. Thereby attention should be towards discarding or covering water in barrels, drums, jars, pots, buckets, flower-vases, jars, water-coolers, discarded bottles, tins, tyres etc., the breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. Care should be taken to use mosquito nets, repellents, wearing long-sleeved shirts to prevent mosquito bites.

Primarily prevention of dengue is of utmost importance and attention should be during the rainy season and at the end when the breeding of mosquitoes is on the rise. If not this is threatening to be a regular feature every year with a deluge of cases we are asking for trouble. But once the illness strikes it is important the fever is kept down with medication and fluids are replenished as much as possible to prevent dehydration. If there is appearance of rash on the trunk, back and the lower limbs, which is called petechiae, medical attention would help the affected in investigating and proper measures would be advocated. It is also the right time to see that the ones are not again exposed to mosquitoes as they can transmit to the others in the surroundings.

After considering the typical factors of the affected persons in the city, the Association of Homoeopaths have declared a schedule of Arsenic alb 200 once a day for three days and after a gap of three days Phosphorus 200 for three days is beneficial in prevention of this dreaded fever.

If the pain in the joints and headache is of severe intensity, Eupartorium perf is useful and if the fever is persistent Pyrogenum is of help. To start with in the initial stages, Rhus tox would abort the course of the fever and if it persists causing profound weakness, Arsenic and China are of choice. Any complications seeming to set in, the adequate measures of hydration taken and Phosphorus administered would be of help. A person prone to such fever often is helped by Natrum mur and Pulsatilla.

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I suffer from a condition called interstitial pulmonary fibrosis diagnosed after CT scan. Will homoeopathy help?

It is a condition in which the tissues in the lungs between the air sacs tend to become thick and stiffen thereby making it difficult for the lungs to expand and contract during breathing. The cause of it needs to be identified and if possible to prevent further progress of the problem meanwhile relieving the breathlessness like symptoms as much as possible. People working in asbestos and metal dust exposure areas and other illnesses have been found to be prone to it. Your homoeopath would be of help improving the prognosis after considering all the factors.

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Chelidonium 30c three times a day for three days would give relief initially and a follow up with a homoeopath and taking up some physiotherapy exercises would help in improving the mobility of the shoulder.

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Balakrishna Menon.

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