Alopecia Areata


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Hair loss can hurt your ego and give you sleepless nights but with a little insight things can change

Loss of hair is a symptom which gives rise to a lot of stress and people try to find a cause and ways to prevent it.

The common name for this condition is called as alopecia and if the loss of hair happens to be in a few spots on the scalp it is called as alopecia areata.

Genetic factors

Every individual loses hair diffusely every day but if it happens to be more than hundred strands a day and consistently over a period of time it needs to be addressed. The life of each hair follicle is around four and half to years to five years and after the tenure is replaced by another follicle on the scalp. But in genetic type of baldness the new follicle which has to be replaced does not happen and that is the reason why even if it does not appear that hairfall is there baldness develops over a period of time.

In men, it has also been associated with male hormone i.e. testosterone and that is why individuals with deficiency of this hormone are free from hair loss. Women also develop hairfall because of genetic factors, age, swing in hormones, menopause etc.

Amongst the common causes of hairfall next to the hereditary nature is the fact of building stress. It could occur after an incident which occurs within a month of acute psychological trauma like robbery, combat, natural disasters etc. Of course it is associated with irritability, physical restlessness, sleep problems, inability to concentrate etc.

When there is a disturbance of thyroid function like hypothyroidism it disturbs the general metabolism and also the growth of the hair. Even when there is increased function of gland like hyperthyroidism the follicle is irritated and there is hairfall.

When body does not get enough nutrients there is every possibility of hairfall.It can also occur in malabsorption in diseases like Ulcerative colitis or Irritable bowel syndrome wherein the proper absorption of nutrients does not take place.

Disturbances of function of pituitary gland etc can also cause this problem.

Hairfall is also common after fever, ringworm infections of the scalp, infections, childbirth, major illnesses or surgeries, sudden blood loss and even side effects of certain medications, radiation therapy etc.

Homoeopathic medicine has remedies to treat certain causes so that hair growth can be established.

For example the acute stress which responds to Ignatia and Natrum mur and anxiety of going through a disease with remedies like Arg nit and Passiflora. Disturbances of thyroid function can be helped by Iodum, Natrum mur, Fucus ves, Thyroidin and Bromium. Malabsorption can be treated with medicines like Cal phos, Natrum phos, Merc sol, Sulphur etc so that it does not come in the way of normal absorption. Though there can be no remedy for male type of hereditary baldness there are remedies like Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Ac flour and Ac. Phos which will help in slowing down the loss of hair. Some remedies like Arnica, Jaborandi have been known to stimulate the telogenic or the activity of hair follicles too.


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