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A good diet, eating habits and controlled lifestyle can save you embarrassment.

The passage of gas is a usual occurrence and with a normal person could occur about six times a day. Only when it is frequent and smelly does it become embarrassing and annoying necessitating lifestyle changes to solve the problem. Our stomach uses digestive enzymes to breakdown amino acids, fatty acids etc. and the nutrients are absorbed into the circulatory system by the time the food passes through the small intestine. It is in the large intestine that most of the necessary water is absorbed and is also a colony for most of the symbiotic bacteria which help breakdown the wastes leading to production of gas rich in nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. This tends to be released through the rectum in a normal metabolism.

But in certain individuals who tend to imbibe more carbohydrates through colas, potato-chips and popcorn and topped with cheese there is a tendency for increased production of gas.

In people with intolerance towards certain foods like lactose, dairy products etc., flatulence is more.

The symbiotic bacteria in the colon or the large intestine could be hurt by the presence of other parasites and bacteria or a few people would not have enough of these helpful organisms there is a tendency for accumulation of gas leading to distension and sensation of bloating due to inadequate release of this flatulence.

While eating food there is some intake of air, which also leads to this condition. People who rush through the meals, eat on the run, gulp foods and beverages, do not chew properly are more prone.

Eating large meals, smoking and alcohol also burden the situation.

The affected should try to identify the cause like milk or beans, the usual suspects, constipation, lack of exercise and work. Eating slowly and chewing properly, avoiding large meals would definitely help.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to address flatulence. Improper digestion due to insufficient enzymes, intolerance of certain foods and any infections can be treated properly. Carbo veg is the remedy if there heaviness, distension and flatulence on eating the simplest food. Slow digestion being the cause with involvement of the gall bladder, Cinchona helps. Fermented foods, cabbage and beans when taken in excess, Lycopodium gives relief, apart from improving digestion.

Intolerance to milk is helped by Magnesia carb and if it is associated with colicky pain, then Chamomilla helps. Certain conditions like amoebiasis being the cause, Nux vomica and Merc sol are called for.

Heart and lung disease

I am 65-year-old with hypertension under medication for 12 years and bronchial asthma during the winters for quite sometime. Investigations confirmed the diagnosis of COPD. My symptoms are swelling in the lower limbs and breathlessness on slight exertion. Can homoeopathy help?


To help functioning of the heart and lungs at the optimum with symptomatic relief certain homoeopathic remedies like Strophanthus, Adonis vernalis, Kalmia help, which can be, take along with the medicines you are already under for hypertension. A homoeopath can suggest an appropriate course of medicines after examination.


I have bleeding while passing stool with pain, which disturbs me during the daytime too. My hemoglobin percentage has come down to 9gm. M bowels are always constipated.


Collinsonia 30 three times a day for three days would give you relief immediately and intake of green leafy vegetables and increased water help clear bowels and decrease the probability of recurrence.

Examination blues

My 17-year-old son is a good student but is nervous and tends to forget things during examination. He has also become impulsive, tending to attempt things in a hurry. Can homoeopathy help?


ARGENTUM NIT is one of the remedies that will help him calm down over a period of time. Consult a homoeopath.

Calcium: Milk and green leafy vegetables are rich sources of calcium but figs and papaya are not as written in your previous article. - Nutritionist.


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